Electricity pylon and cables in the night sky

Flogas Natural Gas announces price rise

Flogas Natural Gas has today announced that it is putting up its prices by 1.95% or €17.84 per year

The increase will apply to all unit rate and standing charges, affecting 32,000 residential customers from October 7th.

The move from Flogas follows increases from Bord Gåis Energy, Electric Ireland and Airticity.

These increases do not bode well for consumers facing into the winter months. Research commissioned by Switcher.ie earlier this year showed that almost three quarters of Irish households went cold in their own homes last winter in a drastic attempt to keep a lid on their energy bills.

This is coupled with information from the CER that shows that 7,000 households had their gas cut off in 2012 over non-payment.

Table showing the impact of increase in natural gas prices from Flogas

  Eoin Clarke, Head of ** Switcher.ie **, says: “This is a blow for consumers and comes just ahead of winter when the impact on bills will be even more acute. With this latest increase from Flogas all gas suppliers have increased their prices and you can expect electricity suppliers to do the same. The writing is on the wall for consumers this winter – energy bills are going skywards.

“Consumers will be bitterly disappointed with these gas price increases and the inevitable electricity price rises. Many consumers will be forced to face another winter where they are scared to turn on the heating for fear of the cost.

“Consumers cannot afford to sit back. Even with this increase Flogas is the cheapest gas supplier in Ireland with its “Optimiser Direct Debit Discount” plan and there is more than €124 between the cheapest and most expensive gas tariffs on the market.

Now is the best time to make a move and ensure you are not wasting money this winter.” Energy customers can ensure that they are on the most cost effective plan by visiting https://switcher.ie/gas-electricity/.