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Just Energy has arrived in Ireland - and they could have a plan to suit you

They've got the cheapest gas deal on the market at the moment.

This morning, Just Energy entered the Irish energy market, with a range of gas, electricity and dual fuel plans.

Just Energy’s cheapest electricity, gas and dual fuel deals

Fuel type Plan Name Price  
Electricity Rate Saver - Fixed 12 Month €875 Compare now
Gas Rate Saver - Fixed 12 Month €608 Compare now
Dual Fuel Rate Saver - Fixed 12 Month €1,463 Compare now

What kind of plans does Just Energy have?

On top of the standard energy plans we’re all used to seeing in the market, Just Energy has some new innovative offerings for Irish consumers.

  • Fixed rate tariffs. Firstly, Just Energy is offering fixed rate deals (which are already available from some suppliers in the Irish market) across gas, electricity and dual fuel. This means that your unit rate and standing charge remain the same for the duration of your 12-month contract, so - aside from any potential changes to VAT, the PSO Levy, or Carbon Tax - your consumption is the only variable on your bills.
  • Unlimited tariffs. These tariffs allow consumers to select a usage band, depending on their annual consumption, and then pay a fixed amount each billing cycle, provided they stay within their designated band. So, for example, a working couple living in a 3-bed, semi-detached house would pay €133.65 per month for an unlimited dual fuel tariff matched to their usage

These kinds of tariffs could help to give people peace of mind, especially if the increase we’ve seen in the cost of wholesale energy leads to price hikes from energy suppliers in the coming months.

The cheapest gas deal on the market

Just Energy’s_Rate Saver - Fixed - 12 Month (Direct Debit, Online billing)_ gas tariff is now the most competitive deal on the market for gas, saving the average gas user up to €147 when compared with standard rates.

If you’re an average gas user, and you pay by Direct Debit and receive bills online, this tariff will cost you €608 per year.

Switch now

“Just Energy’s innovative plans have the potential to shake things up”

Speaking about the arrival of Just Energy into the Irish market, Switcher.ie’s Managing Director, Eoin Clarke, said:

“The market is already really competitive, with great discounts and cashback deals available from suppliers, and Just Energy’s innovative plans have the potential to shake things up even more.”

He continued: “The average dual fuel customer can currently save up to €324 by switching from standard plans to the cheapest gas and electricity deals on the market, so it’s clear that competition is fierce.

“According to the CER, only 15% of households switch energy each year, despite the ability to save hundreds of euro by doing so - consumers simply need to shop around to take advantage and enjoy significant savings.”

Shop around to find the best deal for you

Before switching you should always get an accurate comparison based on your real consumption over the past year to be sure you’re getting the best deal for your household’s individual circumstances and needs.

For example, cashback may seem to be an attractive option, but going for a plan with a lower unit rate may work out better for you, depending on your consumption.

Switching only takes a few minutes using Switcher.ie’s free and impartial gas and electricity comparison tool.