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Pinergy has set up a new Energy Services division

This is dedicated to providing customers with energy-efficient technology solutions.

This morning, Pinergy announced it has set up an Energy Services division that is dedicated to providing customers with a range of energy-efficient technology solutions.

As part of this, the energy supplier has partnered with some of Ireland’s most innovative energy technology providers to offer a range of solutions, including:

  • solar energy,
  • wind energy,
  • heat pumps,
  • LED lighting, and
  • refrigeration energy systems.

Each of these ‘partner technologies’ is being paired up with smart energy management software, which will give customers greater insight into their energy consumption. By getting a handle on their usage, customers can then take actions to reduce their usage and save.

As part of this initiative, Pinergy has also expanded its energy advisory team to work with customers on a one-to-one basis. The team will talk to customers about their specific energy objectives - like reducing energy waste, promoting energy efficiency or lowering carbon emissions - and recommend the best solution to meet these objectives.

Customers are also able to sign up to these technologies and pay them off over a long-term contract, rather than upfront.

Pinergy’s CEO Enda Gunnell said it is seeing an increase in demand for more innovative and energy-efficient solutions, and that this launch aims to make Pinergy the go-to energy supplier for these kinds of solutions.

Pinergy has also stated its continued commitment to roll out smart meters and innovative smart services to both domestic and business customers. The company currently has over 35,000 customers and is forecasting further growth with these new smart energy solutions.

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