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SEAI CEO says Ireland should be using wind energy as greater resource

Renewable energy has reduced fossil fuel imports in past 5 years saving Ireland €1bn

An Irish authority on the use of sustainable energy has suggested that Ireland should be doing more to ensure that they make full use of wind power as an effective source of energy.

Dr Brian Motherway, CEO of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), has suggested that wind energy currently stands as Ireland’s greatest indigenous energy resource, but the Irish public are not seeing the full benefits of this.

“This is all about making Ireland more energy independent – harvesting our own resources instead of importing the expensive resources of others,” he suggested.

Dr Motherway also had strong words for those critics of developing a reliance on wind energy across the country.

He stated: “Many people are concerned about renewable energy proposals in their communities. People are entitled to raise all the concerns they may have and a full and open debate is essential. However, false information only serves to worry people further.

“Frankly, many arguments have been put forward questioning the case for more wind development in Ireland which are not fact-based. The evidence is very clear that wind energy is good for Ireland, bringing economic, environmental and social benefits. We must ensure we don’t throw away the opportunity to capture these benefits.”

Dr Motherway provided statistics to support the case for using wind energy as part of a wider renewable energy platform. Over the past five years, renewable energy imports have saved over €1bn in fossil fuel imports, as well as reducing CO₂ emissions by 12m tonnes without adding to the bills of consumers across the country.

Dr Motherway put forward his case for less of a reliance on fossil fuels while speaking at the publication by SEAI of ‘Renewable Energy in Ireland’.

It is also interesting to note how such a tactic could affect energy prices and bills generally.

“Less reliance on fossil fuels gives us greater certainty on our energy prices, rather than leaving us at the mercy of international commodity price rises,” he stated.

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