Electricity pylon and cables in the night sky

SEAI to help fund ESB’s Westwave ocean feasibility project

Wave energy project worth over €1.3m to be deployed off the coast of Clare

The wave energy project proposed by ESB is now closer to fruition thanks to aid of €1.3 million provided by the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland). This green technology is intended to be placed near the coast of County Clare by no later than 2018.

Dr. Brian Motherway, CEO of SEAI stated that “In time, this will further reduce our reliance on costly fossil fuel imports.” Dr Motherway continued to observe that “ESB Westwave will bring ocean energy in Ireland to another level by enabling us to bring renewable electricity ashore from the waves off County Clare.”

Planning Ahead

For more than three years, the SEAI has been approaching this project in tandem with ESB Westwave. Such actions have allowed the task to be labeled as one of the most significant efforts to commercially generate viable energy through wave power.

An environmental impact assessment will be undertaken in 2014 and 2015. This step will determine the methods necessary to connect this renewable energy to the existing electrical grid of Ireland.

Pat O’Doherty, Chief Executive of ESB added that “Effective collaboration between industry and state agencies is critical to developing the sector.” He also said, “We very much welcome the on-going support and commitment from SEAI towards developing the ESB Westwave project.”

Dr Motherway concluded that Ireland had already reduced its carbon emissions by three million tonnes in 2012, with one-fifth of the electricity supply in Ireland being generated by renewable techniques.