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SSE Airtricity launches new electricity deal that could save you €100

There's also €135 cashback available on another electricity plan from the supplier.

We’ve seen lots of new offers this January, and the latest ones come from SSE Airtricity.

Save €100 with SSE Airtricity’s 1 Year Electricity 23 plan

Earlier today, SSE Airtricity launched its 1 Year Electricity 23 plan, which offers a 23% discount on the supplier’s standard electricity rate.

When compared to typical standard rates, this plan could save you up to €100, which could go a long way towards other expenses throughout the year.

This is amongst the three cheapest electricity deals on the market at the moment, and SSE Airtricity also offers ongoing discounts for paying by direct debit and managing your account online.

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Get €135 cashback with the 1 Year Electricity 10 plan

While a 23% discount may seem really attractive, depending on your electricity consumption, you might be better off opting for a plan with a smaller discount, but with cashback included.

The 1 Year Electricity 10 plan has a 10% discount on SSE Airtricity’s standard electricity tariff, and you’ll get €135 cashback, too. This brings the total savings on this plan to €133 per year for an average electricity user when compared to typical standard tariffs.

However, if you’re a low energy user, the cashback will make an even bigger dent in your annual bills.

Save up to €258 by comparing energy deals and making a switch

If you have both gas and electricity, you can save up to €258 by switching from standard tariffs to the cheapest deals on the market. And, if you’re from a larger household with a big consumption, you’ll save even more.

Switching energy supplier is really straightforward when you use’s free, impartial gas and electricity comparison tool and all suppliers use the same pipes and cables, so there’ll be no loss in service.

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