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Switch to a green energy deal this St Patrick’s Day

Renewable energy is becoming more popular as households look to reduce their carbon footprint.

With the country about to be painted green for St Patrick’s Day this weekend, there’s no better excuse to go green when it comes to your energy as well. And, with the popularity of green energy on the rise, you won’t have any problems finding a renewable energy deal that could also help you save money.

What is green energy?

Green energy (or renewable energy as it is also referred to) is any source of energy that can be generated and reused - such as from sun, wind, tidal, wave, offshore wind and geothermal. Solar panels and wind farms are particularly becoming more common when it comes to generating energy.

How much of Ireland’s energy is from renewable sources?

A CRU report from September last year revealed that Ireland gets 44.47% of its energy from renewable sources. This means that a large proportion of the energy in Ireland is renewable with the rest sourced from the likes of gas (39.96%), coal (9.83%), and peat (4.86%).

Can I switch to a green energy plan?

Yes, you can.

Although sometimes green plans might not always be the cheapest on the market, they do help your household do it’s bit for the environment and can still save you money. Plus, there’s a good range of suppliers out there who offer green energy - whether it be partial or 100% renewable.

In Ireland there are currently four energy suppliers that are known as being 100% renewable:

The remaining six suppliers produce a percentage of renewable energy, as outlined below:

To switch to a greener energy deal you should first make sure you’re outside you minimum contract - if you try to switch while you’re still in contract you could incur an early exit fee.

Once you’re ready to switch you can run a free comparison on a site such as, browse the deals available and choose which supplier you’d like to switch too according the the list above.

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Go even greener

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint even further then don’t forget there are things you can easily do at home to help the environment. Just check out our energy-efficiency tips to get started.