Just Energy and Switcher logos to promote exclusive dual fuel and electricity deals

Switcher.ie EXCLUSIVE: Save up to €311 with Just Energy's new fixed rate deals

There are new electricity and dual fuel deals available exclusively on Switcher.ie

This morning, Just Energy has launched two new fixed-rate energy deals EXCLUSIVELY on Switcher.ie.

Since late last year, we’ve seen price hikes from seven energy suppliers, with Electric Ireland implementing theirs from today. But there’s definitely still value to be had on the market, and these new Just Energy deals have fixed rates for 12 months, which means that if you sign up you won’t need to worry about price hikes for the next year.

Save up to €311 with Just Energy’s exclusive dual fuel deal

This new exclusive deal from Just Energy will save the average dual fuel customer up to €311 - and people with a larger energy consumption will save even more by making the switch.

Not only that, but if you switch to this deal, your rates will be fixed for 12 months. This means you’ll be shielded from any price hikes for a full year.

Given the uncertainty in the market, if you’re worried about rising energy costs, this could be a good option for you.

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Save up to €137 with this Just Energy’s exclusive electricity deal

If you only have electricity at home, Just Energy’s Rate Saver Fixed electricity deal could work well for you.

Compared to standard tariffs, the average customer could save up to €137 by switching to this tariff - and again, rates are fixed for 12 months, taking away any uncertainty for the next year.

Savings of €359 available in the energy market

The average gas and electricity customer could save up to €359 by switching from standard tariffs to the cheapest deals on the market. This would mean opting for separate gas and electricity deals - currently Flogas has the best gas-only deal on the market, while Energia is the best for electricity-only.

However, unlike these Just Energy deals, the rates on these plans are not fixed - so you would be vulnerable to any potential price hikes.

Whatever deal you decide to go with, the main thing is to ensure you regularly compare energy deals and switch so you can save money and make sure you’re on the plan that suits you best.

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Cut down on your energy use and save

If you have recently switched and aren’t in a position to switch again yet, don’t worry - you can still save by cutting down on your energy usage. Our energy saving guides can help you get started.