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eir bundles now include unlimited Irish, UK, and mobile calls

The extension of phone services includes unlimited calls to landlines & mobiles in Ireland, the UK, and 40+ international locations.

eir is rolling out a number of new home phone features to their current broadband & phone bundles, with savings of up to €135 now available. These features are available in the following packages, which include superfast unlimited 100Mb broadband as standard.

Superfast Broadband & Unlimited Mobile and UK Calls

Alongside unlimited 100Mb broadband, this deal also offers customers:

  • Unlimited anytime calls to Irish landlines and mobiles
  • Unlimited anytime calls UK landlines and mobiles

A three month discount applies for new customers switching to this broadband and phone bundle, at €25 for the first 3 months and €70 p/m thereafter - save €135.

Superfast Broadband & International Calls

Unlimited 100Mb broadband is standard with this bundle also. However, new customers to this package can now avail of:

  • Unlimited anytime calls Irish mobiles and landlines
  • Unlimited anytime calls 40+ international landlines and mobiles

This deal is discounted to €30 for the first 3 months and €75 p/m thereafter- save €135.

Superfast Broadband & Pay As You Use Home Phone

eir’s broadband-only package has been replaced with this new bundle, which offers customers the same 100Mb broadband but with a pay as you use home phone service included. This means that customers will only be charged for the minutes they use. There is no extra charge for the provision of a phone service.

This package is available on a discount, at €45 per month for the first 18 months, €50 p/m thereafter - save €90.

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