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UPC Ireland rolls out Horizon Wi-Free service

Network of free WiFi hotspots now available to UPC broadband customers

UPC Ireland is continuing to roll out one of their newest services nationwide, Horizon Wi-Free, with over 200,000 access points now active.

Horizon Wi-Free is free of charge and enables UPC broadband customers to access fibre powered broadband in the homes of other UPC broadband customers.

This means that UPC customers now have more options to stay connected than ever before.

Horizon Wi-Free allows broadband access to everyone in the home, as well as friends and family when they call over.

The steps to accessing Horizon Wi-Free in another home are simple:

Set your Horizon Wi-Free password in your My UPC account.

Connect to a Horizon Wi-Free network with your smart device using this password and your My UPC username.

Two WiFi signals are emitted from from the modem - one signal for members of the household, the other one for visitors.

A trial of the service in January involving 9,000 people, saw 85% of users expressing satisfaction with the service.

The newly rolled out UPC service comes just weeks after UPC announced new Horizon TV features which allows customers to avail of a host of new options, including deleting entire series recordings at once, plus the addition of a new “Favourite Mode”.

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