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How to choose the right mobile plan for you

If you’ve recently come to the end of your mobile phone contract, has all of the information you need to choose a new deal.

In order to narrow down your options, there are a few key questions that can really help you.

1. First of all, do you need a new handset?

If you’ve come to the end of a contract which included a phone, you’ll have paid the handset off by the time the contract ended.

If you’re still happy with the handset you have, you will save money by switching to a SIM-only plan, as the monthly fee will not include the cost of paying off the phone. Remember, if you decide to do this, you will need to contact your current network to unlock your phone.

If you want to change your handset, you’ll have the option of buying one upfront - in which case you can go for a prepay or SIM-only plan - or getting one with your monthly plan - in which case, you’ll be looking at a bill-pay deal, with higher monthly payments to incorporate the cost of paying off the handset.

2. What phone network should you go with?

In Ireland, the three main networks are eir Meteor, Three and Vodafone. All of the other operators use one of these main networks to provide their customers with phone service.

NetworkPlan OverviewPrice
Unlimited Flex Max SIM Only
30 days Contract
Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited Texts
Unlimited Data
€30 Per month
+ 4G
+ EU Roaming Data

9GB of EU roaming data

+ All You Can Eat data*

* Direct debit required. Fair usage policy of 10,000 flexi-units per billing cycle for calls and texts. All you can eat data for use in ROI only. Registration required for 3plus.

+ Unlimited Flexi Units

Flexi Unit = 1 minute call or 2 text messages

Choose Plan

Click on the 'Choose Plan' button. You will be directed to your deal on the network site. Follow the steps to sign up for your new plan.

Red 30 Day
30 days Contract
Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited Texts
5GB Data
Now 5GB data, was 3GB
€30 Per month
+ 4G
+ Unlimited

Unlimited calls and texts to any network

+ Now 5GB data, was 3GB

Choose Plan

Click on the 'Choose Plan' button. You will be directed to your deal on the network site. Follow the steps to sign up for your new plan.

eir mobile
eir mobile connect 30 Day
30 days Contract
Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited Texts
25GB Data
Save €60
€19.99 Per month
for 6 months, €29.99 thereafter.
+ 4G
+ EU Roaming

Your call, text and data allowances can be used while roaming in the EU

+ Save €60

+ eir Wi-Fi calling

Plan is Wi-Fi calling enabled

Choose Plan

Click on the 'Choose Plan' button. You will be directed to your deal on the network site. Follow the steps to sign up for your new plan.

Some of the other networks include iD, Tesco Mobile, and Virgin Mobile.

If you have decent coverage with one of the main networks, remember that you will get the same coverage with any of the operators that use the same network - and you could get a much cheaper deal. It may also be worth speaking to friends and family in your area about their experience with their mobile phone operator, too.

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3. Do you need an unlimited data allowance, or are calls and texts more important?

Think about your phone usage, and what elements of your phone plan you really couldn’t live without.

If you stream podcasts or TV shows when you’re on the move, an unlimited data allowance is going to be really important as otherwise you’ll have to monitor your data usage very carefully. This plan from Three could work for you if you do need an unlimited allowance.

Meanwhile, if you don’t stream much, but you spend lots of time on the phone, you’ll want to look for a plan with ample free minutes.

You’ll also need to consider if you want to add-on extras like minutes for international calls. And, if lots of your contacts are with the same provider, see if they will offer free calls to other people on the same network.

4. If you need a handset, what do you need to think about?

If you’re not happy to stick with the same handset, you’ll likely be looking at signing up to an 18- or 24-month plan, with the cost of the handset built into the monthly cost - or you could decide to buy your handset outright, separately to a SIM-only plan.

So - on top of the price plan - what things do you need to consider about the handset?

  • Do you prefer iOS, Android or Windows’ operating system? Most people have a preference between iPhones and the likes of Samsung or HTC, so it’s likely that this decision will be pretty straightforward.
  • What screen size do you need? Consider what you’ll be using the phone for, for example if you’re reading books or watching movies on the phone, you may want to opt for a large screen.
  • Do you want a good camera included? If you take a lot of pictures on your phone, look for a handset with a decent in-built camera. Normally, the higher the megapixels, the sharper the photo.

The best deal is the right deal for you…

When you’re picking a mobile phone deal, be it SIM-only, prepay, or bill-pay including your handset, consider all of your needs before signing up to make sure you get the right deal for you.