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Sign up to iD bill-pay plan in July and get 50% off for six months

This could means savings of up to €87 on some plans.

On Saturday, iD launched a new mobile offer - all of its bill-pay plans are now reduced by 50% for the first six months for anyone who signs up by the end of July. But what plans are available?

This plan comes with a whopping 10,000 minutes, 10,000 texts and 30GB of data.

It’s fair to say this plan has more than enough of an allowance for even the biggest phone addicts amongst us!

This SIM-only plan normally costs €29 per month on a 30-day rolling bill-pay contract but if you sign up in July, you’ll get it for just €14.50 per month for the first six months - a saving of €87.

Meanwhile, if your only really concern is data, and you just want to be able to send the occasional text or make a phone call every so often, this plan could be for you. It comes with:

  • 250 texts;
  • 250 minutes; and
  • 30GB of data.

It’s now reduced to €10 per month for the first six months, going up to €20 per month thereafter, on a 30-day SIM-only bill-pay contract.

Sign up to iD by 31 July

Remember, you’ll need to sign up to an iD plan by the end of July to avail of this offer, so don’t hesitate if you want to make these savings.

And, if iD’s plans don’t suit, you can always compare SIM-only deals from other networks to get the right deal for you.