From broadband to digital TV; from mobile and home phone packages to additional extras such as Virgin Media remote record, Virgin Media offers plenty of choice to customers in Ireland.

The second provider to enter the Irish quad play market, Virgin Media can offer customers broadband, home phone, TV and mobile for a lower monthly rate than if customers subscribed to the individual services.

Virgin Media's top broadband speeds now reach up to 360Mb superfast broadband thanks to its ever evolving fibre broadband network.

This superfast speed means that Virgin Media broadband customers can stream content and browse the Internet without “buffering”.

Company history

Formerly known as Chorus NTL and UPC Ireland, Virgin Media began operating in Ireland in October 2015. Liberty Global acquired the Virgin Media business for $23.3 billion in 2013. Virgin Media and Liberty Global have 27 million customers across 14 countries.

Founded by Richard Branson in 1989, Virgin is a collection of businesses operating in over 50 sectors including communication, travel and entertainment.

Virgin Media has four major areas of business: television, mobile phones, landline phones and internet.

The Virgin Media logo is a pure infinity symbol, and the company says it’s the key to an identity system of infinite possibilities.

Customer service

Virgin Media customer service in Ireland is absolutely free, so whether you’ve got a query about broadband and home phone or you want to know more about Virgin Media TV, you can rest assured you will not be subjected to extra charges.

The company has hundreds of experienced technicians available across the country to deal with issues promptly.


Virgin Media broadband is available in a variety of packages, with up to 360Mb superfast broadband available to almost three-quarters of a million people across Ireland. Some packages offer new broadband customers a free wireless modem or a free wireless router, depending on which package you opt for.

Virgin Media digital TV products come with Virgin Catch-Up TV, Virgin Media remote record, Virgin TV Anywhere, and pause, rewind, and remote record facilities as standard. Subscribers to Virgin Media TV will get all of this plus Virgin Movies and Box Sets, enabling customers to access thousands of hours of box sets at no extra cost. Additional features such as Replay TV give customers even more flexible viewing when it comes to watching their favourite TV shows.

With Virgin Media’s state of the art Virgin TV service, customers can enjoy digital TV, broadband and phone services all in one clever little box. Virgin TV represents the latest innovation from Virgin Media, providing an array of features that bring your broadband and TV to life - a revolutionary new way to experience entertainment!