The digital TV service offered by Virgin Media, formerly known as UPC, is very popular with Irish customers.

Virgin Media TV is one of the most comprehensive TV services in Ireland, offering consumers up to 110 digital TV channels and up to 26 HD channels (with Virgin Media’s Full House TV package), and there’s a package and price point to suit most consumers.

This extensive offering features everything from sport to movies, kids’ programming to the biggest TV shows from around the world.

Virgin Movies and Box Sets, Replay TV and Virgin Catch-Up gives customers even more TV choice, with hundreds of hours of movies, box sets, and kids’ TV at the touch of a button.

What does Virgin Media TV offer?

The Virgin Movies and Boxsets service gives viewers access to a range of home entertainment programmes, including:

  • Complete box sets of top TV series from the UK and US;
  • Award winning Irish and international movies; and
  • Kids' channels and the latest shows.
  • Multiroom viewing is also available, while you can also pair your smartphone or laptop with your Virgin TV box, and watch through those devices.

    Meanwhile, you can also stream popular TV players, like RTE Player, 3 Player and TG4 Player, free of charge directly through the TV box.

    And Netflix customers can access Netflix through the Virgin TV box, too - simply by going to channel 300 and signing in.

    Virgin Catch-up

    Travel back in time with Virgin Catch-up and watch all your favourite programmes that you missed on a wide variety of TV channels that have been broadcast in the last 7 days, including programmes that have just started!

    Virgin TV Anywhere app

    All Virgin Media TV customers also have access to the Virgin TV Anywhere app, downloadable through the iTunes or Google Play stores.

    This app allows customers to watch TV on the move - and there’s a remote record facility as well, which means you never have to miss out on your must-see shows again!

    How can I get Virgin Media TV?

    As Virgin Media TV is delivered via broadband, you’ll need a fibre optic broadband connection into your home.

    Existing Virgin Media customers may have fibre optic broadband already, making it even easier to set up Virgin Media TV. If not, check whether fibre optic broadband is available in your area.