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Ireland’s Best Black Friday Tips for 2023

From refund rights to spending rewards, here’s how to bag a Black Friday bargain without busting your budget.

Latest UpdateWhen is Black Friday 2023?

This year Black Friday is on 24 November and Cyber Monday is on 27 November 2023.

Black Friday takes place across Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States on the same date.

Set a spending limit

Before you hit the sales, decide what you can afford and set yourself a budget.

There are some great bargains to be found on Black Friday, but it’s never worth overspending - especially if you’re using a credit card and paying money in interest, or if it leaves you in financial difficulty.

Create a wish list

Here’s some steps to creating a Black Friday wish list:

  1. Jot down a wish list with rough price estimates for each item.
  2. Compare the total cost with your overall budget.
  3. Next, list the sites you plan to visit in priority order. This will prevent you from getting distracted, or tempted to buy things you don’t need.
  4. If you’re doing early Christmas shopping, make a list of who you need to buy gifts for, then assign an amount to each person.

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Go online

Avoid busy shopping centres and consider shopping from the comfort of your own home. Other good reasons to shop online are:

If your internet is lagging while shopping for Black Friday deals, it could be time to switch broadband providers.

Snap up great savings with Black Friday offers from providers like Virgin Media and Sky.

Preview prices

If you have time, research retail prices before Black Friday.

Advertised discounts aren’t always what they seem, so take note of pre-sale prices to ensure you’ve bagged a genuine bargain.

Get social

Follow your favourite shops on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get their latest offers.

It’s also worth signing up for newsletters. Some brands will send exclusive discount codes, special offers and sales info to their subscribers.

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Be alert to scams

If you find a deal that seems too good to be true, it could be. Before parting with your cash, take these simple steps:

  • Check websites are secure: Make sure the site has HTTPS or a padlock symbol at the start of the line. Vital if you’re entering payment details.
  • Pay wisely: Use a debit, credit card or PayPal for extra protection on your purchases. Avoid websites that only use payments like money transfers or cryptocurrency.
  • Watch out for copycats: A cloned website may use spoof logos or branding to look like the real deal. Be alert to blurry logos, spelling mistakes or broken links.

Reap rewards

Check if your credit card or debit card offers cashback or shopping rewards.

Just remember to pay your balance in full at the end of the month, or the interest owed could outweigh the savings.

Using your credit or debit card could also mean additional consumer protection, with a better chance of getting a refund if things go wrong.

Shop trusted brands

If a deal seems too good to be true, it might be.

Check for any hidden catches, as you don’t want to be saddled with a faulty product or a delivery no-show at this time of year. Make sure each website has a reputable address, customer care number or online chat.

Shopping with a credit or debit card also means you’re protected by the chargeback scheme.

Try older tech

New smartphone models are usually released every year. If you’re on the hunt for a mobile phone, you can often clinch the best iPhone or Samsung deals by choosing a slightly older model with a bigger price cut.

multi gadget cover

Plan big-ticket items

After splashing out on a new laptop or smartphone, sort your gadget insurance or mobile insurance as soon as possible.

The same applies for a holiday bargain. Getting travel insurance right away means you’re covered if anything goes wrong, like a travel company going bust.

To help spread the cost of a major purchase, you could also consider applying for a purchase credit card with a 0% introductory rate.

Know your refund rights

Shopping online has lots of advantages, including extra refund rights that you don’t get on the high street.

Before you start your Black Friday shopping, read our guide on refund rights and check out the retailer’s refund policy before you click the buy button.

Bag Black Friday deals

The early bird gets the worm and planning ahead means bagging the best Black Friday deals. Although offers change every year, you can usually snap up savings on the biggest tech, toy, beauty and fashion retailers in Ireland, if you’re quick.

Expect brands like Smyths, Arnotts, Easons, JD sports and many more to slash prices on selected items.

Have fun

Once you’ve done all your planning it’s time to make a brew, pour a glass of wine or crack open a beer.

Shopping should be fun and if you set a budget and stick with stores you trust, you can save money, shop without stress and hopefully pick up some great bargains too.

Black Friday FAQs

Do I have the same refund rights on Black Friday?

Yes. If you shop online, you’ll have the same consumer protection on Black Friday as you do any other time of the year.

If you shop in-store, you will be legally covered by the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act, but check at the shop counter before you buy because individual stores may have different return policies.

Our refund rights guide can tell you all you need to know about returning goods and getting your money back in Ireland.

Do Apple do Black Friday deals?

You won’t get an official Black Friday discount directly from Apple, but other retailers like Amazon will offer Black Friday discounts on older Apple iPhone models.

Is it worth using a 0% credit card on Black Friday?

It’s worth considering a credit card if you are making a major purchase like a sofa suite or car and you don’t have the cash to pay the full price upfront. However, make sure you can repay the debt within the 0% finance period or you will be saddled with repaying extra at high interest rates.

If you want to take this option, the retailer will need to check your credit history. You’ll need a good credit rating to prove you’re a reliable borrower.

If you want to know more about how to check your credit record read our guide.

What is Cyber Monday?

The term Cyber Monday was coined around 2005 in the US by marketeers to encourage people to shop online. It became the online equivalent to Black Friday and is now a marketing term used by online retailers across the world.

The day always takes place the Monday after Black Friday and sales often take place through the weekend.

The date for Cyber Monday is 27th November 2023

Why is it called Black Friday?

The last Friday in November was often the day that shops “move into the black”, meaning they began to make a profit and therefore could start shifting old stock at reduced prices.

The concept originated in the US as a popular shopping day, the day after Thanksgiving and found it’s way over the pond in 2010 when Amazon started promoting deals and discounts on that date.

Now many countries around the world hold sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Typical Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is based on purchases of €1,500 and a credit limit of €1,500 plus annual Government Stamp Duty of €30. Data valid as of 24/05/2024