Compare energy prices

Comparing energy prices is essential to ensure you're not overpaying on your energy bills. Here's a quick guide to help you compare energy prices today.

The first thing to consider is just what sort of savings you could make by switching to a different energy company. Fortunately, you don’t have to go searching the website of each individual energy supplier and try to locate their best rates. This is easy to find out – simply compare energy prices online at Switcher and we’ll do the hard work for you.

Start saving:  Switch today and never overpay on your energy bills again!

Who’s the cheapest gas and electricity supplier on average?

Here is the table of the cheapest gas and electricity tariffs available based on the national average consumption. According to the Energy Regulator (CER), the average Irish household uses 13,800 kW/h of gas and 5,300 kW/h of electricity per year. This can give you some indication as to who’s cheapest, but you won’t know which is best for you, and how much you’ll pay, until you run a comparison.

Supplier Plan Name Price  
Energia Clever Dual Fuel (Web EXCLUSIVE) €1,737 Compare now
SSE Airtricity 1 Year Dual Fuel 23/16 (Direct Debit & eBill) €1,742 Compare now
SSE Airtricity 1 Year Dual Fuel 20/16 (Direct Debit & eBill) €1,770 Compare now
Energia SAVEME354 Dual Fuel €1,846 Compare now
SSE Airtricity 1 Year Dual Fuel 20/16 (Direct Debit & Post) €1,869 Compare now

What to consider when comparing energy prices

After you have compared energy prices online, you may find that you’re presented with a new supplier as your cheapest option. Price isn’t the only factor involved, what else should you consider before you choose a new energy supplier? You may want to consider:

  • Payment options (are you required to pay by Direct Debit?)
  • The terms of the contract (a price plan may look attractive, but could come with prohibitive restrictions, such as a minimum tie-in period or cancellation fees, is it a fixed or variable rate?)
  • Reward schemes and other benefits (a more expensive supplier may have incentive schemes that offer extra rewards, such as loyalty points or cash back)
  • Customer service
  • Online services
  • The ease of transferring to and from their service

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What is most important to you?

Our research shows that when it comes to making a comparison between energy prices, cost is the number one consideration for most consumers. But the terms of the contract being offered by a supplier are also likely to be a significant factor in the decision to switch or not.

For instance, if the cheapest supplier is going to charge an exit fee if you decide to switch to another plan early, you might reconsider. If you regularly compare energy prices, the ability to switch easily and without too many penalties is important. Try to avoid contracts that are too restrictive in their conditions unless it’s a particularly good deal.

As competition between suppliers heats up, reward schemes and other benefits they offer can have a big impact on your decision. If you always use a certain supermarket and a supplier is offering reward points for that supermarket, it might make switching to them attractive, even if they are not initially the cheapest supplier.

Increasingly, the quality of customer service is a major factor in an individual’s choice of supplier. If the cheapest gas and electricity supplier has a poor customer service team, consumers will consider switching even if it means paying a bit more.

Switching energy supplier: would this affect my energy supply?

When comparing the energy prices on a comparison website, you do not need to worry about the switchover because this is all dealt with by the supplier you choose to switch to. The new supplier will arrange the handover and you will not need to do any of this yourself.

You could save yourself up to, so don’t be put off looking for a new supplier. You can compare energy costs without worrying about any of the issues you might associate with a potential switch.

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Is it easy to make the switch?

Despite its reputation for being a complicated and complex procedure, energy switching is actually very straightforward if you make use of a price comparison website.

All you need to do is find a recent energy bill and set aside five minutes on the internet. By using Switcher for an energy comparison, you will be asked to enter your basic details such as your typical energy usage in kWh. This will allow the site to give you the most accurate and useful tariffs available.

The proposed energy plans will be wide ranging and will include all the major suppliers in Ireland offering a wide selection of plans including all the usual payment options.

If and when you decide to make the switch, just select the energy plan that suits you best and, if you wish to pay by Direct Debit, enter your payment details.

You will need to give a final reading of your energy meter to your old supplier. This will enable them to close your account and to send you a final and accurate bill.

The switchover process itself will all be done for you; your existing supplier will be contacted by the new supplier with a switch request.

Now you can just relax and enjoy the benefits of a cheaper energy supply.

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