Going green: Renewable energy in Ireland

Want to reduce your environmental impact by changing to a green energy plan? Here’s your guide to renewable energy in Ireland.

Many of us want to do our bit for the environment and are always looking for ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. A good way to do this is to change over to a renewable energy supplier or tariff. We’ve put together some information on renewable energy in Ireland and how you can limit your energy impact on the environment.

How much of Ireland’s energy is from renewable sources?

A CRU report from September 2018 revealed that Ireland gets 44.47% of its energy from renewable sources. This means that a large proportion of the energy in Ireland is renewable with the rest sourced from the likes of gas (39.96%), coal (9.83%), and peat (4.86%).

Which suppliers offer renewable plans?

Although renewable energy deals aren’t always the cheapest on the market, more and more people are opting for these tariffs in order to reduce their impact on the environment. If you are looking to go with a renewable energy tariff we’ve got information on the suppliers that offer them.

The CRU’s Green Source Verification Report from 2018 revealed that six of Ireland’s ten energy suppliers passed the CRU’s annual test, confirming they have sufficient green attributes to cover their sale of ‘green source products’.

However, there are currently only four energy suppliers in Ireland that are known as being 100% renewable. These are:

The remaining six suppliers produce a percentage of renewable energy, as outlined below:

Can I switch to a renewable/green energy plan?

If you wish to change to a renewable/green energy tariff you can do so easily.

Firstly, check to see if you are outside your minimum term of your current contract - otherwise you may be liable to pay an early exit fee to switch before your contract has ended.

Once you’re free to switch, grab your bill and run a comparison to find out which of the renewable energy suppliers has the best deal for you.

How can I reduce my carbon footprint even further?

If you are already with a renewable energy supplier but want to cut down on your energy usage to reduce your environmental impact even further, there are plenty of energy saving measures you can put into place to make your home more energy efficient.

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