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Bright is Ireland’s newest green energy supplier. Here’s what you need to know about the latest entrant to the Irish energy market.

What tariffs do Bright offer?

Bright has just one variable rate electricity tariff.

They don’t have any discounts for new customers or introductory offers, instead all their customers pay the same rate. There are also no tie ins or exit fees.

Fuel type Plan Name Price
Electricity Future €745

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Bright electricity is supplied by 100% green energy sources, including:

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Bio
  • Hydro

What makes Bright different?

Ireland already has several green energy suppliers, where Bright is different is their emphasis on a tech-based platform.

They use a software platform and app to help their customers take more control of their energy bills.

About Bright Energy

Bright was established by two existing family businesses, Evermore Energy and The Maxol Group.

  • Evermore Energy is an energy company which runs the Lisahally Biomass power plant in Northern Ireland - the largest renewable energy power station in Ireland. They also specialise in energy storage and data storage.
  • The Maxol Group is an Irish oil company founded in 1920, that operates a chain of petrol forecourts across Ireland.

Together, they have set up a head office for Bright in Belfast, with plans to offer green electricity across both Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Bright FAQs

Does Bright offer tariffs to business customers?

Yes, they are listed as offering electricity to businesses on the CRU website. They do not currently offer any gas tariffs.

How can I contact Bright?

You can either call them on 01 588 1777 or email

Will Bright offer any gas tariffs?

At launch Bright will only offer one electricity only tariff, with the aim of launching a gas tariff later in 2020.

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