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Iberdrola launched in Ireland in June 2019 and provides a number of electricity-only, gas-only and dual fuel plans.

Iberdrola’s cheapest electricity, gas and dual fuel plans

Fuel type Plan Name Price
Electricity Green Discount Saver €880
Gas Gas 29 €621
Dual Fuel Dual Fuel Discount Saver €1,443

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The above table shows Iberdrola’s cheapest electricity, gas and dual fuel plans, and what they would cost the average electricity, gas and dual fuel customer for the first year. According to the CRU, the average electricity customer uses 4,200 kWh per year, while the average gas customer user 11,000 kWh.

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About Iberdrola Gas and Electricity

Iberdrola in Ireland is part of the Iberdrola Group, one of the world’s largest integrated utilities and a world leader in wind energy.

With over 170 years of experience, Iberdrola is today one of the largest utilities in the world. The company produces and supplies energy to around 100 million people in the countries in which it operates.

Iberdrola price changes

In October 2020, Iberdrola announced that it was to increase its electricity unit rates by 3.4% from 1 November, adding €34.32 onto the average annual electricity bill.

How does Iberdrola generate gas and electricity?

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) requires that electricity suppliers disclose the sources they use to generate their energy each year.

Iberdola has been recognised by the CRU for having 100% renewably-sourced “green” energy in 2019.

Iberdrola Fuel Mix 2019

  • Gas 0%
  • Renewable 100%
  • Coal 0%
  • Peat 0%
  • Other 0%

Carbon dioxide emissions: 0 kg CO2 per MWh
National average is 254 kg CO2 per MWh
Source: CRU - 2019 Fuel Mix Disclosure and CO2 Emissions Report

Iberdrola - 100% green energy

Iberdrola is a leader in clean energies and is currently the top renewable energy producer in Europe and a global leader in terms of installed onshore wind power. It is also recognised as the cleanest electricity company in the USA, with almost zero emissions.

Closer to home, in neighbouring Scotland, England and Wales, Iberdrola operates under the ScottishPower brand only producing 100% green electricity and focussing on wind energy, smart grids and driving the change to a cleaner, electric future.

For the last decade, ScottishPower has been leading the UK in the development and operation of renewable energy. In 1997, ScottishPower built the first windfarm in the Republic of Ireland in Barnesmore, Donegal and now operates six wind farms across the north and south of Ireland with ambitious plans to increase the production, delivery and storage of cleaner, greener power in the near future.

Here in Ireland, they are offering 100% green energy tariffs as well as new and better ways to make managing energy easy.

Energy Switching FAQ’s

Are there limits to how many times I can change supplier?

No, you can change suppliers as often as you like, but your old supplier may charge for cancellation or early termination if you leave during the minimum term.

Can I revert my decision to change energy supplier?

Yes, under consumer protection laws you have a statutory 14-day cooling-off period.

You’ll need to contact your new supplier if you change your mind during this period and you can cancel the switch free of charge.

How long will my switch take?

It usually takes 7-14 days for your switch to be carried out.

The exact time it takes for your switch to be completed depends on the supplier, however, it shouldn’t take any longer than 28 days.

How will I know that my energy switch is complete?

You should receive a welcome pack and price plan information from your new supplier. They will also be in touch by email to keep you informed of progress.

When should I cancel my Direct Debit to my current supplier?

After your switch, you’ll receive a final bill from your old supplier, which you’ll need to pay to close your account.

Once this is done, you can cancel your Direct Debit to your old supplier.

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