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Digiweb launches new Tooway satellite broadband packages

Super fast 20Mb broadband satellite broadband from Digiweb, ensures broadband access from any location in Ireland

A new range of Tooway Satellite Broadband packages was recently announced by Digiweb Ireland. The company says that the packages will ensure the fastest satellite-based broadband speeds for consumers in Europe.

Digiweb described the next generation, fast broadband satellite services as being progress towards closing the existing digital divide.

Households in Ireland that have not, thus far, had access to high-speed broadband will now have instant access via these new packages, regardless of their location, and consequently be able to download films, video chat, and upload huge files.

Today marks the launch of  the new packages, which offer widespread 20Mbps download speeds and 6Mbps upload speeds. The basic package, entitled “Tooway M” will provide a 10GB download allowance and will be available at a cost of €39.95 per month.

As part of an agreement with Eutelast, Digiweb will also introduce “Tooway Absolute”, an unlimited data service which will be available to the first 20,000 customers across Europe.

Digiweb head of operations Declan Campbell underlined the importance of much of Ireland’s growth being “dependent on the digital economy” and the need for both businesses and homeowners to have access to high-speed broadband.

Through the Tooway Satellite Broadband packages, Mr. Campbell said that consumers would benefit from secure, high-speed, top quality broadband and very stable connectivity.

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