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eVision aims to brighten up gloomy January

eircom’s new TV service introduces eVisionaries to bring lighthearted fun to the streets of Ireland this week

For many people, January can feel a little gloomy, thanks in no small part to the bad weather and inevitable onset of the post-Christmas blues.

eircom’s eVision TV service, has introduced a group of costume-wearing eVisionaries to the streets of Dublin, Cork and Galway, in order to ‘shake up’ the month and with the aim to brighten up its remaining days for members of the public.

Throughout this week, a group of representatives for eircom’s new TV service will be carrying out random acts of kindness and generally trying to improve the days of passers-by. Those who take the time to interact with the eVisionaries may be rewarded with gifts including a free lunch, flowers or even a voucher for a new television.

eVision is a new television service created by eircom, which was launched in October last year. According to eircom, the aim was to provide Irish TV viewers with a wider range of choice and the service currently offers 34 premium channels as part of its basic TV package - with more TV channels and features expected to launch in the coming months.

Customers who sign up for eVision get the first six months free and packages are available for as little as €10 per month in addition to eircom’s eFibre broadband and phone deals.

The service comes complete with a free eVision+ set-top box, which performs many functions, including live pause and rewind. The box has 240 hours worth of space for recordings and eVision users are able to record two channels at the same time.

The eVisionaries campaign is the latest in a number of campaigns to attract publicity for the service and eircom’s Consumer Marketing Director, Lisa Comerford, has urged people to get involved.

“eVision is shaking up TV, and the eVisionaries will be shaking up the streets of Dublin, Cork and Galway all this week,” she said.

“They will be bringing some lighthearted fun to January and remind the public that with eVision there is now a great value TV service to choose this year. Our eVisionaries will be hard to miss and we encourage the public to get involved and brighten up their day.”

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