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Five signs you’re paying too much for your TV package

Lots of us are paying for dozens of channels we never watch.

Research published today by shows that the average Irish consumer who pays for TV has 155 channels, but 65% of people watch less than a quarter of them.

If this sounds like you, you could be spending hundreds of Euro a year on channels you never watch. So how do you know if you’re paying too much for your TV package?

1. You frequently find yourself watching the same channels

Lots of us have a bells and whistles TV package but spend most of our time watching the same couple of shows.

If you only watch a couple of TV channels, you could look at downgrading to a plan with fewer channels - obviously once you make sure your new plan has the channels you watch frequently.

2. You mainly watch TV on streaming sites, like Netflix

One in ten of people surveyed said they watch the majority of their TV via paid streaming services, like Netflix.

If this sounds like you, consider whether you could survive without any paid TV, and simply sign up to a broadband-only plan.

Remember, if you’re going to do a lot of streaming, you’ll require high broadband speeds and a decent data allowance.

3. You haven’t changed your TV provider or plan in a few years - or ever!

If you haven’t changed your TV provider in a few years, you are definitely paying over the odds at this stage.

Most TV providers will offer introductory discounts for the first few months of a plan, but the price will go up after this period - and we’ve seen price rises from most providers recently, too.

So take some time to see what’s out there and switch to a better deal if you find one that suits you - you could save hundreds.

4. You don’t use additional features, like pause, rewind and record

The research shows that two in five of us still watch the majority of our TV live. If this sounds like you, but you’re paying for a comprehensive TV package with add-ons like box sets, pause, rewind and record functionality, consider whether you could downgrade.

It’s likely that most paid TV providers will have features like this, so if they don’t interest you, you could consider going for a free-to-air option, like Saorview. There will be set-up fees involved, but you won’t have any ongoing bills once you have the box and aerial sorted.

5. Your needs have changed - but your TV package hasn’t

There are definitely people who make the most out of their TV packages, for example big households who need access to several different types of content.

So, if you signed up to a package with several children’s TV channels when your kids were younger, for example, and you no longer need these, it could be time to review your options.

Making the most of your current TV deal

If you’re just stuck in a rut in terms of your TV habits, check out the features that are available with your package and make the most of them.

Many providers now have apps which allow you to tune in or set recordings on the move, and several providers also offer on-demand and exclusive content for their subscribers, which can be a real value-add.

If you’re not happy, switch TV provider to get a better deal

Reviewing your TV options only takes a few minutes using’s free deal checker.

Switching to a new provider or to a more basic offering could save you hundreds of Euro, and some providers also offer free Netflix for the first six months of your TV contract, or cashback when you sign up - so there are definitely benefits to making the move.

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