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onwave satellite broadband now available on Switcher

The latest generation of onwave satellite broadband services now available to compare and switch to via uSwitch.ie

Founded in 2008, onwave’s original vision was to deliver quality and affordable broadband services to people no matter where they were based.

The company has lived up to its original vision with it now being regarded as Europe’s largest distributor of satellite broadband services.

The service provider has a large customer base with a strong foothold in both Ireland and the UK.

For people who live in rural or remote locations, who have difficulty in securing a broadband connection at home, satellite broadband represents an excellent alternative to other types of broadband not easily served in such areas.

onwave’s main competitors in Ireland are Digiweb and Q Sat, each offering similar competitive satellite broadband packages to Irish consumers.

onwave made a series of recent improvements to its satellite broadband services in Ireland this year, with enhanced speed upgrades to its network without any compromise on affordability.

With onwave customers can benefit from satellite broadband capable of delivering fast download speeds up to 20Mb and upload speeds up to 6Mb – with unlimited broadband also an option.

The company also provides services for people who may be interested in adding phone or TV as part of one subscription.

onwave’s broadband services are delivered via Eutelsat’s KA-SAT High Throughput Satellite. This technology helps to ensure the delivery of a full reliable broadband service that’s available from any location in Ireland.

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