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Sky Kids App now allows downloads so kids can stay entertained on the move

Some other changes have also been introduced for Sky+ TV customers, like a new homepage, ‘download next’ and ‘continue watching’ functionality.

Sky is continuing its streak of bringing its customers new features this summer, with some additions to the Sky Kids app and Sky+ TV service announced this week.

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Downloads, sleep mode and fresh new content on the Sky Kids app

The Sky Kids app is already really popular, with shows like Paw Patrol, Top Cat and Adventure Time, and there have been hundreds of thousands of downloads of the app since it launched earlier this year - and 15 million of episodes streamed so far. These new additions are sure to increase its popularity even more.

The Sky Kids app now lets customers with Sky Go Extra or Sky Multiscreen to download shows to watch on their tablets, even with no Wi-Fi. This will no doubt be a popular addition, especially coming into holiday time, when kids are clamouring to be entertained on long journeys.

Sky has also introduced a ‘Sleep Mode’ feature, which gives parents the ability to choose how much is enough screen time for their child, and set individual time limits.

When this is activated, kids will get a five minute warning that it’s nearly rest time and then, when the five minutes is up, their ‘Sky Buddy’ will appear, sleeping on the screen until it’s time to wake up again. Not only is this a great way to control the amount of time your child is using the app for, it could also help to avoid the normal arguments about bedtimes!

In addition to these new features, Sky has announced that it is launching exclusive episodes of Morph later in the autumn, as well as specially-created versions of Duck Quacks Don’t Echo and Big Cats: An Amazing Animal Family. There are also plans for exclusive kids programming from Sky Sports.

With all of this on the horizon, Sky is really showing a commitment to providing exclusive content for kids and families going forward, and the app is likely to go from strength- to-strength as a result. The app is available to download from both Google Play and Apple’s App Store for customers with the Sky Family or Variety bundle or Sky Q at no extra cost to their subscription.

Sky Plus menu on a television set

Homepage content recommendations, download next and continue watching features for Sky+ TV customers

And it’s not only the kids who are benefitting from Sky’s ongoing product innovation. Sky+ TV customers will also notice some changes this week, with a new homepage design, which includes editorial ‘Top Picks’.

The new section will give customers recommendations on the best new TV from channels such as Sky Atlantic and FOX. Picks will also include box sets, sporting highlights, kids’ favourites and the latest movies - all depending on customers’ subscriptions.

Sky+ is also introducing ‘Download next’, which will automatically download the next available episode of box sets as you watch them, and a ‘Continue watching’ feature, allowing customers to pick up from where they left off in an episode or series. There will also be a new progress bar, highlighting how much of a programme has been watched.

These additions put the viewing experience much closer to the likes of streaming services, such as Netflix, and they’ll make it even easier to watch consecutive episodes of a series in one go, which is how lots of us are choosing to consume TV now. Sky say that between  January and May this year, there were over 10 million downloads of Sky Box sets by customers in Ireland.

In a summer full of non-stop TV news, Sky has promised that even more new features will be coming on-stream soon. Watch this space!

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