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Top 5 rural broadband providers in Ireland

If you live in a rural area, you might struggle to find the best broadband deal for you.

The urban/rural divide when it comes to broadband service in Ireland is stark. But if you’re in a rural area, you may be surprised to find that there are several providers who offer broadband in your area. Some of the ones that offer broadband-only deals are:

Top Rural Broadband Providers Ireland

Broadband provider Speeds available Initial prices from  
Digiweb Up to 100Mb* €29.95 per month Compare now
eir Up to 100Mb* €50 per month Compare now
Magnet Up to 100Mb* €20 per month Compare now
Pure Telecom Up to 100Mb* €44 per month Compare now
Vodafone Up to 100Mb* €40 per month Compare now

*Speeds up to 100Mb available through fibre connection. In areas where fibre is not available, speeds up to 24Mb will be available through ADSL connection.

The speeds you can get will largely depend on the area you live in - as generally speeds up to 100Mb are only available through a fibre connection.

If you do not have access to fibre at your home, you may be able to get an ADSL connection from one of the providers listed above.

This technology uses the phone line in your home, so you’ll need a home phone line installed in order to avail of it. Your distance from the nearest telephone exchange and the quality of your phone connection could impact your speed, so ask any potential providers about this before signing up.

If you find that ADSL broadband is not sufficient for your needs, you could also try satellite broadband - from Europasat.

The major benefit of satellite broadband is that it can provide an internet connection to any home, which can be particularly important in more remote areas.

Remember that satellite packages will have a cap on downloads - at the moment, these range from 8-50GB per month - so if you live in a household with a large usage, that could be an issue.

Find the best rural broadband deal for you