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Virgin Media customers can now watch Netflix through their Horizon box

This could make box set binges even easier.

From today, Virgin Media customers can watch Netflix shows on their TV via the Horizon box.

There are plans to roll out this feature to over 30 countries, but Ireland is the first country to introduce it.

How do I access Netflix on my Horizon box?

According to Netflix, once you have a Netflix subscription and a Horizon box, you can access this feature by following these steps:

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote.
  2. Navigate left and select My Library.
  3. Navigate left and select Apps.
  4. Navigate to the TV & Video category.
  5. Locate the Netflix app and press OK.
  6. Once in the Netflix app, select Sign In.

You can also sign in to Netflix directly through channels 300 and 999.

If you don’t have Netflix, but you have a Horizon box and would like to give this a try, you can sign up to a free Netflix trial for a month to see if you like it.

Content on Netflix

With Netflix originals like House of Cards, The Crown, Stranger Things and Black Mirror, as well as loads of classic movies and TV shows, this feature could be just the ticket for your Christmas TV binges.

And it will save you plugging in and out different devices in order to access Netflix, which could come in handy if surplus remote controls sometimes go walkabout.

“Improving the connected entertainment experience”

Virgin Media’s Vice President, Paul Farrell, said: “We’re thrilled to bring Netflix straight to our customers and right on time for Christmas. Netflix has consistently ranked Virgin Media as the Number 1 network to watch Netflix on in Ireland.

“Our customers recognise that great entertainment needs the fastest broadband and we’re constantly improving the connected entertainment experience for them in their homes.”

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