Electricity dial meter with reading and 50 and 100 euro notes in front

Can't figure out your electricity bill? Switcher.ie can help

Getting a handle on your electricity bill can help you to better manage your spending and give you the information you need to save money.

Switcher.ie published research today which showed that many of us still find our household bills difficult to understand - and energy bills appear to cause the most issues, with almost a quarter of consumers saying they think this bill is most difficult to decipher.

Reading and understanding your electricity bill

Unfortunately, bills are a fact of life, and electricity is a household essential, so getting a handle on how your charged for your electricity is important.

First things first, if you’re one of the people who never opens their bills, you should start doing that straightaway - and make sure you look at al of the various elements of your bill, not just the total amount due!

How to read an electricity bill

The above graphic outlines the components that make up the amount you’re charged on your electricity bill - understanding what each of these elements is will really help you get to grips with your bill.

So, next time you receive a bill, open it up and review each of these items. If there’s an ‘E’ beside your consumption/usage, you should submit an electricity meter reading as soon as possible to make sure you’re only charged for what you’ve actually used.

And, if there is no discount applied on your bill, it’s likely you could save money by switching to a cheaper deal. The average electricity customer on a standard tariff could save up to €198 by switching, so it’s worth taking the time to do so.

Reviewing your bills regularly will also allow you to keep an eye on your consumption - and take some energy-saving measures to help you cut down on this and make further savings.

Switch energy and save

How much should my electricity bill be?

The cost of your electricity bill will depend on your usage and the tariff/rate that you’re on. Below is an example of a standard bi-monthly bill, for someone on a typical standard rate of electricity.

Switcher sample electricity bill

If you have any questions at all about your bill, or you think there might be any errors on it, contact your supplier in the first instance - they will be able to talk you through your bill and answer any questions you have.