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Electric Ireland announces a winter price freeze in the midst of a second wave of hikes

The price freeze will last until at least the end of February 2019.

Electric Ireland has done the opposite of its fellow energy suppliers by announcing a price freeze this winter. This comes after five suppliers - namely Flogas, Panda Power, Pinergy, SSE Airtricity and Energia - have already recently announced price hikes over the last two months.

Electric Ireland has said the decision to freeze prices for customers until at least the end of February 2019 will help protect them from the impact of rising energy costs during the months when energy usage is at its highest.

Marguerite Sayers, Executive Director, Customer Solutions, commented: “Given that most other energy suppliers have recently announced price increases, we want to reassure our customers that Electric Ireland continues to offer the best long term value in the market.

“We believe today’s announcement will help to provide our customers with some peace of mind about their energy bills in the coming months, giving them one less thing to worry about facing into the winter.”

Suppliers yet to make announcements regarding their winter prices include Bord Gáis Energy, BEenergy and PrePayPower and customers of these firms are warned that it’s likely they could see price hikes in the coming weeks.

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“This is good news for Electric Ireland customers at a time when uncertainty around energy costs is at its highest”

Commenting on the announcement, Eoin Clarke, Managing Director of Switcher.ie, says: “These customers will undoubtedly feel more at ease knowing their prices will remain the same as they turn on the heating to warm their homes this winter.

“Although today’s news from Electric Ireland is a positive sign, there are still hundreds of thousands of households who will be feeling a pinch at their pockets this winter when they open their energy bills. We’ve already seen a spate of price hikes from suppliers in recent months, and anticipate the remaining suppliers to do the same over the next few weeks leading into Christmas.”

Mr Clarke urges consumers not to just sit back and let these price hikes take hold - he wants to remind energy customers that there are sizeable savings to be had by switching supplier. He also said there are ways people can help reduce their energy usage - and therefore reduce their bills - by implementing some easy energy saving measures around the home.

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