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Electric Ireland announces discounts for almost 1 million customers

The discounts will be automatically applied by the end of the summer.

Good news this morning for Electric Ireland customers - the company is applying a variety of automatic discounts to customer accounts, depending on the way the customer pays and how they receive their bills.

By the end of the summer, almost 1 million Electric Ireland customers will see these savings on their bills, and the savings will be automatically applied each year.

The discounts are as follows:

  • Electricity or gas customers who pay by Direct Debit will receive a 5% discount.
  • Dual fuel customers who pay by Direct Debit and receive online bills will receive an 8.5% discount.
  • Electricity or gas customers who do not pay by Direct Debit, but always pay on time will receive a 4% discount.
  • Dual Fuel customers who do not pay by Direct Debit, but do receive online bills and always pay on time will receive a 7.5% discount.

These savings are being automatically applied to all relevant customers, so there’s no need to opt-in.

“Good news for Electric Ireland customers”

Speaking about these new discounts, Eoin Clarke, Switcher.ie’s Managing Director said: “This is good news for Electric Ireland customers, as the discounts could mean savings of around €150 for the average dual fuel customer who pays by direct debit and receives online bills, as they’ll be getting 8.5% off.

“It could also spell good news for other energy customers in the market, as we’ve seen a real battle to win customers over the last year, and this could heat things up again.

“Ongoing discounts aside, the biggest saving is still to be made by switching suppliers. At the moment, the average dual fuel customer can save €402 by switching from standard rates to the cheapest deals on the market, so if consumers haven’t switched in a while, it’s worth comparing deals to see how much you could save.”

The best deals on the market

At the moment, the best electricity discount on the market is Energia’s ‘Cheapest Electricity’ tariff, which offers 33% off unit rates for new customers who pay by direct debit and receive bills online.

Meanwhile, Flogas offers a 22% discount to new customers with it’s ‘22% Direct Debit discount’ tariff.

There are also some great cashback deals in place from suppliers - for example, Electric Ireland offers a €175 online switching bonus to new customers switching to its ‘Standard Domestic Gas (Direct Debit & Online Billing)’ tariff.

The best deal for you - and the savings you can make - will all depend on the tariff you’re currently on, and your consumption. Comparing deals and making a switch only takes around 5 minutes using Switcher.ie’s gas and electricity comparison tool and you could save a packet.

Switch and save