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Eurostat report shows Ireland is amongst the most expensive countries in the EU for energy

The new report was published today.

Eurostat’s latest report on energy prices shows Irish consumers are still paying some of the highest rates in the EU for their energy.

The report shows Irish electricity prices are the fourth-highest in the EU, while gas prices are the second-highest, coming in just after Sweden.

In terms of what components are causing our prices to be higher than other countries, energy and supply and network costs seem to be the culprits, while our taxes and levies are about average when compared to other EU countries.

Price rises

This news comes hot on the heels of price increases from eight of the energy suppliers in the Irish market, which came into effect over the past number of weeks. All of these increases were attributed to a rise in wholesale costs.

Since the price rises have taken hold, the average dual fuel bill for an Irish consumer on standard tariffs now stands at almost €1,900 per year.

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