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How much gas and electricity does the average Irish household use?

It can be difficult to know what the norm is when it comes to energy consumption

Right now, the average gas and electricity customer could save up to €258 per year by switching from standard energy tariffs to the cheapest deals on the market. The best way to find out how easiest way to get an accurate comparison is to enter your actual energy consumption, but if you don’t know this, having an idea of average consumption will help.

Average electricity use in Irish homes

In March, the Commission for Energy Regulation announced that the average consumption figures that price comparison websites - like Switcher.ie - should use in their calculations will be revised from 5,300 kWh per year to 4,200 kWh per year from August 2017.

So, if you live in an average, 3-bedroom home, and you have both electricity and gas, your consumption is likely to be around this amount. However, if you know your tariff type, the averages below will give you some more specific information…

Average electricity consumption in Ireland by tariff type

Type of electricity tariff Average annual electricity consumption  
Urban Domestic 24Hr 3,600kWh Compare deals
Urban Domestic Day/Night 6,200kWh Compare deals
Rural Domestic 24Hr 3,900kWh Compare deals
Rural Domestic Day/Night 12,000kWh Compare deals

Source: CER

Average gas use in Irish homes

Along with the change to average electricity consumption, the Commission for Energy Regulation announced that the average consumption figures for gas will also be revised from August 2017.

The average gas consumption figure will reduce from 13,800 kWh per year to 11,000 kWh per year for an average household. However, there is some further information available on gas consumption by household type, so the table below has more specific information.

Average gas consumption in Ireland by household size

Property type Average annual gas consumption Average annual gas consumption (prepayment customers)  
Apartment (1-3 bedrooms) 7,000kWh 7,000kWh Compare deals
Standard House (1-3 bedrooms) 10,500kWh 8,800kWh Compare deals
Large House (4-6 bedrooms) 13,000kWh 10,000kWh Compare deals
One-off Residential Customer(standalone houses) 15,000kWh 11,000kWh Compare deals

Source: CER

Get the most accurate comparison and save

If you don’t know your actual consumption, the above figures will help you to get an idea of the savings you could make by switching gas or electricity supplier.

However, you’ll get the most accurate picture of how much you can save by entering your actual consumption on our free gas and electricity comparison tool. You can find this information on your energy bills, so see if you can dig some out and you might be surprised by how much you could save!