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The first winter price hike has been announced: Flogas to increase rates from 1 November

The increase will add over €80 onto the average annual bill.

We might have thought that price hike season was just behind us, but another round has kicked off today, with Flogas announcing that it is to increase its gas rates again from 1 November.

Gas rates are to increase by 9.8%, which means an annual increase of €80 for Flogas gas customers. This follows a 12.8% rate increase on 1 August, which saw the average Flogas customer’s gas bill rise by almost €93.

When you take these two back-to-back increases into account, this means that an average Flogas customer who has not switched supplier in the past few months - and who does not take action now - will see a €173 rise in their annual bills.

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The supplier attributes the need for these latest increases to the continuing rise in wholesale prices, which have been on the rise over the past number of months.

I’m a Flogas customer, what can I do?

We would advise anyone who has not switched energy in the past 12 months to do so now - despite the price hikes, there is still value to be had.

The average dual fuel customer can currently save up to €396 by switching from standard tariffs to the cheapest deals in the market, so it’s definitely worth taking the time to combat the hikes as we come into the winter months.

You can also save on your energy bills by taking some energy-saving measures around the home.

“The danger is that today’s announcement will be the start of another round of hikes”

Speaking about the Flogas announcement, Switcher.ie’s Managing Director, Eoin Clarke said: “Only a matter of months ago, we were hit by significant price hikes from almost all the energy suppliers on the Irish market. The danger is that today’s announcement will be the start of another round of hikes, which will hit hard-pressed consumers in the winter when we all use the most energy at home.”

He advised consumers to make sure their homes were as energy efficient as possible, and to take simple steps to reduce the amount of energy they use in the home.

He also urged consumers to ensure they are paying the lowest prices for the energy they do use - which can be achieved by switching to the cheapest deals on the market.

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