The main providers offering TV packages in Ireland are:
  • eir,
  • Sky,
  • Virgin Media, and
  • Vodafone

Before the advent of digital TV came about in Ireland, viewers had a limited number of channels to choose from. With advancements in satellite technology and digital TV, came a much broader choice of channels and a wider range of new and exciting ways to view TV content.

Digital TV packages are essentially groups of digital, cable, satellite and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) channels offered by TV providers, usually for a fixed monthly subscription fee.

Today you can get a wide selection of different TV packages to suit all tastes, while TV providers have also begun bundling their services with broadband packages and other services to give consumers more value for their money.

Top digital TV package providers

In Ireland the three main providers of paid digital TV services are Sky, Virgin Media and eir. Vodafone also provides TV services, bundled with broadband and/or phone. Below we will take a closer look at the different types of TV packages on offer from each provider.


The main digital TV packages from Sky are the Sky Original Bundle, the Sky Variety Bundle and the HD Pack. Each incorporates a wide selection of channels from an assortment of genres.

Sky cater for some great value additional services such as Sky On Demand and Sky Go which are available at no extra cost with all Sky digital TV packages. Sky’s Multiroom option is also great, as it allows you to enjoy Sky channels in different rooms in the same household at the same time.

Sky also offers a wide range of triple play bundles that come with multiple TV packages and additional incentives, such as free weekend calls and unlimited broadband to name a few.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media digital TV packages come in three different standard forms, Virgin Media Digital Value, Virgin Media Horizon and Virgin Media Horizon Max.

Virgin Media provides stunning digital TV with up to 110 channels & 22 HD channels available. With Virgin Media On Demand you can pause and rewind live TV at the touch of a button and get exclusive access to huge library of On Demand TV with movies, box sets and kids TV all accessible with their state of the art On Demand service.

Sky Sports and Sky Cinema as well as additional HD channels are also available to add onto any Virgin Media digital TV package.

Virgin Media customers can also enjoy all their favourite programmes with Horizon TV, which allows viewers to watch and record TV via computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Virgin Media My Prime allows customers to watch movies, box sets and much more at no extra cost.


The main digital TV offering from eir is called eir Vision TV and is available with eir Play Small, eir Play Medium and eir Play Large . Each of these bundles include unlimited broadband and home phone.

With up to 85 channels including UTV Ireland, Disney & Discovery, as well as pause, rewind and record capabilities, eir Vision TV has plenty of content to keep the whole family entertained

The eVision+ box has up to 375 hours of recording space and customers can record two different channels at once while watching another recorded show.

Multiroom also allows customers to watch their eir Vision TV in up to three different rooms.


Vodafone TV is only available as part of a bundle, such as a Vodafone broadband and TV bundle, or a bundle with broadband, TV and home phone.

With the most basic Vodafone package, you can choose between 56 top TV channels and enjoy all the drama, action, comedy, documentaries and TV shows you love at the touch of a button. It's also possible to enjoy selected channels in HD or watch TV on demand with the all-new Vodafone TV Anywhere app.

Vodafone TV also allows you to pause, play rewind and fast forward at your leisure. It comes with 300 standard definition hours of recording space - you just need to press the “R” button on your remote control to set up recordings.

Meanwhile, with the Vodafone Plus TV package, you can get all of the same benefits, with a whopping 80 channels - and you can also choose to take either Multiroom or the eir Sport pack FREE for 6 months. And customers can also choose to add on Sky Cinema or Sky Sports to any of Vodafone's TV packages, too.

TV packages & different genres

To simplify the huge choice of channels available, providers have grouped the channels together, often by genre, so it is easier to select what is most suitable for you, be it children's programmes, music channels, documentaries, sports, real life or a general entertainment mix.

The choice of digital TV packages on offer from Sky, Virgin Media and eir are both many and varied. Some are genre-specific, such as Sky Cinema, which gives access to a number of film channels, showing a wide mixture of films including the latest blockbusters.

Other very popular TV packages include Sky Sports, where live football, cricket, rugby and F1 can be viewed, along with other popular sports. Virgin Media, Sky and eir allow you to pick and choose whatever packages you might like to tailor to suit your own individual needs.

You can also add on extras such as a HD packages, to generally improve your all-round viewing experience by giving you access to popular TV channels in stunning high definition.

TV and broadband bundles

The choice is yours - to either combine TV packages, or to simply just pick one. Combining a digital TV package with extra services such as broadband or a home phone package can be a great way to save on money, by consolidating your household bills into one.

By picking a TV and broadband bundle you’ll be paying fewer bills and potentially saving hundreds of euros a year.

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