How do early cancellation fees work in Ireland?

Want to cancel your energy plan and switch to a new supplier? Here’s what you need to know about exit fees and cancellation charges.

What are early exit fees?

Early exit fees, also known as early cancellation fees or termination fees, are often added as a condition of cheaper fixed-rate energy tariffs or discounted deals.

It means you have to pay a charge for leaving your supplier early.

You will not have to pay exit fees if you are on a standard tariff which isn’t discounted.

These charges are applied to discourage you from switching to another supplier in the middle of your contract.

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When can you switch to a new energy supplier?

Most gas and electricity contracts are for 12 months (known as the ‘minimum term’), although there are some 24 month contracts on the market.

After the contract period has ended, you can switch to a new supplier without penalty.

If you’re unsure when your contract ends or whether you’re on a standard tariff, check your paper bill or online account. If you are still not sure, get in touch with your energy supplier to check.

Once you’re out of contract, you can save money by switching to a new supplier who offers a discounted rate.

What happens if you switch supplier while you’re in contract?

If you do decide to cancel your contract within the minimum term, you’ll usually have to pay an early exit fee.

Most suppliers charge around €50 per fuel and €100 if you have a dual fuel plan, although some suppliers like Community Power do not tie you into a contract.

What does each energy supplier charge?

We have outlined the current early cancellation fees for each supplier.

Supplier Exit fee (single fuel) Exit fee (dual fuel)  
Bord Gais Energy €50 €50  
Community Power €0 €0  
Electric Ireland €50 €100  
Energia €50 €100  
Flogas €50 €100  
Glowpower €50* -  
SSE Airtricity €50 €100  
Pinergy €11.25 pm** -  
Panda €50 €100  
Prepay Power €50 to remove meter and daily standing charge***    

* Glowpower also offers plans with no exit fees ** the amount you pay per month until the end of your contract *** until the end of the contract

How to switch supplier when you’re out of contract

If you haven’t changed your supplier in over a year, the chances are you’re outside your minimum term and free to switch without penalty.

Switching energy suppliers is simple and straightforward. We help with the process so it’s easier to start saving on your energy bills. It only takes a few minutes, and the average dual fuel customer could save up to €771.

All you need to do is:

  1. Tell us about your current energy usage, tariff and supplier
  2. We’ll compare the cheapest energy deals on the market
  3. You choose the plan that’s right for you
  4. We’ll help you switch

Take a look at How to switch your gas and electricity for more info about switching and our helpful step by step guide.

Can you switch without penalty if your supplier hikes their prices?

The majority of energy tariffs in Ireland are ‘variable tariffs’ which means that fuel prices can rise or fall during the contract.

If your supplier has made a significant price hike, and you’re still in contract, it might work out cheaper to pay the exit fee and switch to a cheaper plan.

Just remember to factor the exit fee into any calculations you make when you’re comparing plans and working out your savings.

Are there other ways to cut energy costs?

If you’re not ready to switch your supplier to save money, you can still reduce your energy bills by taking some energy-saving measures around the home.

Our top energy saving tips, ways to increase energy efficiency, and Building Energy Rating (BER) guides can help get you started.

Switch and save up to €771 on your energy bills

It only takes a few minutes to find a cheaper deal and start saving