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Cheapest gas and electricity supplier

What really matters is who the best supplier is for your own circumstances. With you can compare the whole market to find the best value gas and electricity deals for you. You’ll probably be surprised by how much you can save!

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Compare the cheapest electricity and gas prices

Are your energy bills too high? With’s gas and electricity comparison you can compare the cheapest electricity and gas prices. We compare tariffs from Ireland’s 5 dual fuel suppliers to help lower your gas and electricity bills.

Supplier Plan Name Price  
Panda Power 28% gas and electricity discount €1,445 Compare now
Energia Cheapest Dual Fuel 29/28 €1,455 Compare now
SSE Airtricity 1 Year Dual Fuel 25/20 (Direct Debit & eBill) €1,478 Compare now
Just Energy 1 Year Discount Variable (DD & Online billing) €1,508 Compare now
Just Energy Rate Saver Fixed 12 Month (DD & Online billing) €1,514 Compare now

We compare dual fuel price plans from Bord Gáis Energy, Electric Ireland, Energia, Just Energy, Panda Power and SSE Airtricity.

This table shows the cheapest gas and electricity tariffs available based on the national average consumption - according to the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU), the average Irish household uses 11,000 kW/h of gas and 4,200 kW/h of electricity per year.

The table assumes customers are on a typical standard plan. This can give you some indication as to who the cheapest energy supplier is, but you won’t know which is best for you, and how much you’ll pay, until you run a gas and electricity comparison based on your own consumption.

How are gas and electricity tariffs set?

Energy rates can vary due to a wide range of different factors. These can include global shortages, logistics issues and even weather conditions, such as an extremely cold winter.

Gas and electric suppliers often buy energy months and even years ahead of time to guard against price fluctuations. In addition to this, government levies such as carbon tax and the PSO levy place an extra cost on the price consumers pay for their gas and electricity. This adds a further level of complexity to gas and electricity tariffs.

Faced with such a volatile market, the simplest way for consumers to ensure they are getting the best gas and electric prices is to regularly compare gas and electricity quotes.

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Ok, but who’s the best value for me?

Gas and electricity suppliers often claim to be the cheapest in the energy market but this is usually based on an average user’s energy consumption, which doesn’t represent everyone.

Your own consumption and the times you use your energy will have an impact on how much you pay for your energy bills. But, thankfully, it’s easy to find the best gas and electricity plan for your home by using’s free gas and electricity comparison tool.

Will switching effect my energy supply?

No. You shouldn’t worry about possible energy outages when looking for the best gas and electricity prices.

Your gas and electricity will still be delivered through the same pipes and cables as your current energy supply, so there won’t be a loss in service. Your new supplier will oversee the transfer for you.

How does Switcher find the best gas and electricity prices?

Our team of energy experts continuously monitors developments in the gas and electricity market in Ireland. We also monitor all suppliers and update our data any time there’s a change to a unit rate or other charge - which we get details of directly from suppliers - to ensure the results you get are comprehensive and accurate.

Switcher conforms to standards set out by the CRU, and we’re certified as accurate and impartial. We operate independently of energy suppliers and help you compare the best electricity and gas prices through a simple and reliable process.

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Important considerations when switching to the cheapest gas and electricity plan:

Finding the cheapest gas and electricity plan on the market should not be your only consideration when choosing the right energy plan for you. Its also worth bearing in mind the following:

  • Payment options - are you required to pay by Direct Debit?
  • The terms of the contract - a price plan may look attractive, but could come with prohibitive restrictions, such as a minimum tie-in period or cancellation fees, is it a fixed or variable rate?
  • Reward schemes and other benefits - a more expensive supplier may have incentive schemes that offer extra rewards, such as loyalty points or cash back.
  • Customer Service - good quality customer service from your supplier is an important consideration. If the cheapest supplier falls down in this area you may need to reconsider.
  • Online services - online billing and other value added services.
  • Flexibility - the ease of transferring to and from their service.

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