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Learn how you can compare gas prices with our free, quick and impartial gas and electricity price comparison and switching service.

It’s not difficult to switch your gas supplier - even if you’ve never done it previously, because:

  • Your new supplier will be contacted by us and they will deal with your current supplier to arrange the switch; and
  • The meters and wires of your old supplier will still be used by your new one, so you don’t need to worry about having your gas supply switched off.

Who’s the cheapest gas supplier on average?

Supplier Plan Name Price  
Flogas Natural Gas 22% Direct Debit Discount €748 Compare now
Flogas Natural Gas 20% Direct Debit Discount €763 Compare now
SSE Airtricity 1 Year Gas 10 (Direct Debit & eBill) €831 Compare now
Energia Clever Gas €837 Compare now
SSE Airtricity 1 Year Gas 10 (Direct Debit & Post) €847 Compare now

Above is a table showing the cheapest gas tariffs available based on the national average consumption - according to the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER), the average Irish household uses 13,800 kW/h of gas per year.

This table can give you some indication as to who’s cheapest, but you won’t know which is best for you, and how much you’ll pay, until you run a comparison based on your own consumption.

How can influence gas prices?

We don’t have the ability to stop gas prices going either up or down, but we can help you find the best deal, simply by using our free gas comparison and switching service.

Switcher is easy to use - comparing deals and making a switch only takes around 5 minutes. By comparing gas suppliers and switching online, you can save hundreds of Euro a year. You can also make price comparisons for electricity and dual fuel plans too.

Dual fuel offers can sometimes result in cheaper energy prices than by getting electricity and gas from two different suppliers, and lots of people like the convenience of only having to deal with one supplier instead of two.

Getting started with switching through

Switching is really easy with, so have a look at our energy comparison tool and join the thousands of people in Ireland who switch gas suppliers every month through us.

It’s easy, free and impartial, and could save you hundreds of Euro per year.