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Finding a cheap electricity supplier

We've got all the information you need to help you find the cheapest electricity supplier and make huge savings on your electricity bills...

Why switch electricity supplier?

Only about 15% of Irish consumers switch energy supplier each year.

There is a misconception that switching is hassle and time consuming, but in reality it only takes a few minutes to compare deals and make a switch. Electricity consumer’s could save up to €205 by switching alone, so it’s definitely worth taking the time.

Electric Suppliers in Ireland

There are 10 main electricity suppliers - BEenergy, Bord Gáis Energy, Electric Ireland, Energia, Flogas, Just Energy, Panda Power, Pinergy, PrePayPower & SSE Airtricity.

Switch and save up to €359 on your energy bills

It only takes a few minutes to find a cheaper deal and start saving

Who is the cheapest electricity supplier?

Supplier Plan Name Annual cost  
Energia Cheapest Electricity (DD & eBill) €838 Compare now
Electric Ireland SuperSaver (DD & eBill) €846 Compare now
BEenergy Budget Bonus (DD & eBill) €866 Compare now
Bord Gáis Energy 21% Discount (Level Pay, DD, paperless) €893 Compare now
Energia Cheapest Electricity 30% discount €896 Compare now

Based on the national average consumption - 4,200 kW/h of electricity per year - these five plans are the cheapest on the market.

How do I switch electricity supplier?

All you need to do is visit’s free, impartial gas and electricity comparison and enter a few details - it helps if you have copies of your most recent bill so you can easily find information on your current supplier and consumption.

Once you enter this information, you’ll then get a list of deals available to you. Choose the one that suits you best and click on ‘Switch now’.

At that point, you’ll just need to provide some further information - like your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) and a current electricity meter reading - so your old supplier can provide you with a final bill and your new supplier can start from that point.

Will my electricity supply be interrupted if I switch?

This is another worry that may put people off switching. However, there’s no need for concern. and your new supplier will handle the full switch, and all suppliers use the same pipes and cables to supply energy to your home, so you don’t need to worry about any loss in service.

Will the cheapest electricity supplier result in poorer customer service?

There is no evidence to suggest that cheaper electricity suppliers equate to bad customer service. However, it can be difficult to learn about customer service until you’re a customer, so it’s worth asking family or friends if they have dealt with the supplier so you can get an idea of what kind of service to expect.

If you do have an issue with your energy supplier, you should consider making a complaint - all suppliers have a complaints process that they follow and the vast majority of people that do make a complaint find their issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.

Is there a difference between cheap electricity and my current electricity supply?

No, all suppliers use the same pipes and cables, so the supply is exactly the same. Suppliers factor in a number of things when calculating what they charge customers for electricity, which is why tariffs vary from supplier-to-supplier.

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