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How to find a cheap gas supplier

Want to make huge savings on your gas bills? This guide can help you to figure out how to compare deals and find the cheapest deal out there.

Only about 15% of Irish consumers switch energy supplier each year, which means the majority of us are missing out on huge savings. It only takes a few minutes to compare deals and make a switch, and you could save up to €153 by switching from standard gas tariffs to the cheapest deal on the market, so it’s definitely worth taking the time.

Switch and save up to €359 on your energy bills

It only takes a few minutes to find a cheaper deal and start saving

What are the cheapest gas deals available?

Based on the national average consumption - 11,000 kW/h of gas per year - these five plans are the cheapest on the market. However, the best bet is carry out a gas comparison based on your own consumption to figure out the deal that’s right for you.

The cheapest deals on the market

Supplier Plan Name Price  
Flogas 25% Icebreaker (DD, paper billing) €684 Compare now
Bord Gáis Energy 14% Discount (Level Pay, DD, online billing) €740 Compare now
Just Energy Rate Watch - Variable (DD, online billing) €776 Compare now
Electric Ireland Gas 5.5% (DD, online billing) €783 Compare now
Just Energy Rate Watch - Variable (DD, paper billing) €786 Compare now

Not sure exactly what is involved with switching supplier?

Many people have a fear that switching is a lot of hassle - in fact, it’s quick and easy. It will only take a few minutes to compare deals and make a switch, and you could save hundreds.

All you need to do is visit’s free, impartial gas and electricity comparison and enter a few details. It will help if you have copies of your most recent gas bill so you can easily find information on your current supplier and consumption.

Once you enter this information, you’ll then get a list of deals available to you. Choose the one that suits you best and click on ‘Switch now’.

At that point, you’ll just need to provide some further information - like your Gas Point Reference Number (GPRN) and a current gas meter reading - so your old supplier can provide you with a final bill and your new supplier can start from that point.

Happy with your current company’s customer service and worried about switching?

This is a pretty common fear, but there’s no need to worry - there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that cheaper electricity suppliers equate to bad customer service.

However, if you’re really concerned, it’s worth asking family or friends if they have dealt with the supplier so you can get an idea of what kind of customer service to expect.

Remember, all gas suppliers use the same pipes and cables, so the supply you’re getting into your home is the same no matter who you get your gas from.

Compare deals and switch now