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Your guide to prepay gas

If you’re considering switching energy suppliers, then is here to help you. We list tariffs from traditional gas and electricity suppliers, and we also have details on prepay electricity plans.

Is there a prepay gas supplier in Ireland?

It is possible to get a prepay gas meter installed in Ireland. Generally, if requested by the customer, gas suppliers will arrange for Gas Networks Ireland to install a prepay meter for them.

This would typically be in cases where customers are having trouble paying their gas bills, and/or are in arrears.

However, in some instances suppliers will install these meters for people who simply want the option to use prepay gas, and PrePayPower has recently added prepay gas to its services for new customers - the CRU has said that a recent spike in gas switching could be attributed to this.

What is prepay gas?

Prepay gas is an alternative option that can meet your energy needs. Essentially, the concept involves pay-as-you-go (PAYG) gas that is used and paid for at the same time.

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How does prepay gas work?

Unlike other methods of paying for gas where payment is usually done bi-monthly or monthly, a PAYG meter requires topping up before energy is used. This means that you cannot use more energy than you can afford.

Essentially, this could be helpful for customers who might find it difficult to monitor and stay in control of their gas usage.

Generally, if you request a prepay gas meter, your supplier will arrange for Gas Networks Ireland to install your meter, and will provide you with some initial credit.

You’ll also get a Gas Card which you can top-up with your chosen amount, much like topping up a mobile phone. You can then slot the card into the meter and transfer your credit across.

In cases where you run low on credit and can’t top up, you also have the option to use ‘emergency credit’, which you can pay back at a later date.

Standing charges with prepay gas

As well as the gas unit rate, you will also need to pay a service charge, which is a fixed cost in addition to top-up payments.

Some suppliers charge this daily on your prepay meter, so you can clearly see what you’re being charged and monitor your usage on a daily basis.

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