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Finding a cheap electricity supplier

Discover how to identify a cheap electricity supplier and get the best deal with our quick and easy comparison tool.

Many consumers each year don’t make a switch because they assume it is a complicated and complex procedure.

However, switching electricity supplier is actually very straightforward if you make use of a price comparison website - it only takes around 5 minutes to compare deals and make a switch and you could save hundreds of Euro per year.

Here’s how it works:

  • Find a recent energy bill and log-on to Switcher’s free electricity comparison tool. Enter your basic details such as your typical electricity usage in kWh - this will allow the site to give you the most accurate and useful tariffs available.
  • Review the proposed electricity plans - they will be wide ranging and will include all the major energy suppliers in Ireland offering a wide selection of plans including all the usual payment options.
  • Select the electricity plan that suits you best and fill in the online application form. If you wish to pay by Direct Debit, enter your payment details.
  • Enter a final reading of your energy meter which we will send to your old supplier. This will enable them to close your account and to send you a final and accurate bill.

Will my electricity supply be interrupted?

When you switch energy supplier through a comparison website like, there’s no need to worry about any loss in service.

Your new supplier will arrange the handover so you will not need to do any of this yourself, and all suppliers use the same network so there won’t be any loss in service.

Will the cheapest electricity supplier result in poorer customer service?

There is no evidence to suggest that cheaper electricity suppliers equate to bad customer service.

It can be difficult to learn about customer service until you’re a customer, but asking family or friends if they have dealt with the supplier in the past should give you an idea of what kind of service you can expect.

Is there a difference between cheap electricity and my current electricity supply?

No. It’s just the same electricity, but supplied by a new supplier.

Suppliers factor in a number of things when calculating what they charge customers for electricity, which is why tariffs vary from supplier-to-supplier.

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