How to switch your gas and electricity

Compare gas and electricity companies and save.

Switcher has been designed to enable you to seamlessly switch electricity and gas suppliers. Follow a few simple steps and we’ll help you switch your electricity and gas supplier. Use our service to compare gas and electricity prices to find the best deal for you. Don’t worry if you only have electricity, we can still help you save on your bills.

What you’ll need

To start the process you’ll need a latest copy of your gas and electricity bill. In addition, if available, knowing your annual energy consumption in kWh will allow us to make the most accurate supplier comparison, but this isn’t essential as we can estimate it from the responses you supply to a few additional questions. To complete the switch process you will need your current meter reading.

Here’s how it works

  1. You tell us about your current energy use and which energy supplier you use. We will ask you a few simple questions about who currently supplies you, how much you use, and how much you pay. This process takes no more than 5 minutes to complete.

  2. You tell us your preferences Tell us what type of plan you prefer, and how you like to pay (monthly or quarterly, direct debit or by billing), and we’ll find the right plans for you.

  3. You choose your plan from a list of utility companies With the information you’ve given us, we’ll be able to recommend a list of utility companies and their offers. You’ll be able to see the savings you could make if you switch, and also previous customer satisfaction ratings for each supplier. You can go through the details of each supplier and plan, and then choose the best option available.

  4. You switch supplier with our help We’ll guide you through the online switching process. Start off by entering your name and address, which will be linked with the information about your existing supplier and bill. You will also be asked for your current meter reading. Complete the online application which takes no more than 5 minutes, and then confirm you wish to go ahead and switch supplier. We will contact your new supplier and forward your application to them. Once they receive and confirm this they’ll notify your old supplier that you’re switching, and set up your new account. In the final steps, you’ll need to settle your last and final bill with your old supplier, cancel all direct debits at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I experience an interruption in supply when I switch? Definitely not. Apart from the company that bills you being changed (and a smaller bill), nothing else will change and there won’t be an interruption in supply. Continue to use your energy as and when required.

  2. How soon can the switch be completed? It normally takes 4 weeks for the switch. Your new supplier will coordinate the switch with your old supplier, agree to a switch over date together and inform you. The dates for gas and electricity may be different.

  3. How will I know that the switch is complete? You should receive a welcome pack and price plan information from your new supplier.

  4. Will there be any overlap periods where I pay twice for my gas/electric use? Categorically no. When the switch over date is agreed, your old supplier will stop charging you on that day and your new supplier will take over. You will not be billed twice if you’ve remembered to cancel your outstanding direct debit.

  5. Can I revert my decision to change supplier? Under consumer protection laws you have a statutory 14 days cancellation period. Contact your new suppliers if you should change your mind.

  6. Are there limits to how many times I can change supplier? You may change suppliers as often as you like, but your old supplier may charge for cancellation or early termination.

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