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Do you pay your TV licence fee?

Pure Telecom’s research shows 55% of under-30s may stop paying it.

A new survey from Pure Telecom has found that over half of TV licence holders aged 30 or under are either planning to, or thinking about, not paying their TV licence fee.

Increase in viewing online content

This is down to the increased popularity of online content, with the survey showing that consumers watch over six-and-a-half hours of streamed or ‘internet-reliant’ content every week.

And those 30 and under are watching even more, taking in almost 9 hours of this content each week, on the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Speaking about the findings, Pure Telecom’s CEO, Paul Connell, said: “The quality of content produced for online platforms has been steadily rising to the point where it is now at least on par with – and in many cases it outshines – what is offered on traditional television channels.”

Earlier this year, there was a proposal that people would have to pay the licence fee, even if they didn’t own a TV, as it would be expanded to cover laptops, large tablets etc. - this suggestion appears to have been shelved for now.

However, Minister Naughten has recently proposed appointing a TV licence collection agent by public tender, in order to tackle evasion of the fee, which is high. Given that a large number of TV licence holders say they’re planning to, or considering, stopping their payment because of an increase in online viewing, it’ll be interesting to see how this works out.

Do you make the most of your TV package?

It’s definitely true to say that TV viewing habits are changing.

In addition to streaming, research published by earlier this year showed that only two in five of us now watch the majority of our TV live.

Lots of the additional features - like the ability to pause, rewind and record - can be really useful, so it’s a good idea to ensure you’re making the most of all of your TV add-ons.

More channels than you know what to do with?

The same research from showed that the average Irish consumer who pays for TV has 155 channels, but 65% of people watch less than a quarter of them.

If this sounds familiar, you could be way overspending on your TV package and you might benefit from switching to a new TV plan or provider.

In addition, Pure Telecom’s research indicates many of us are watching more and more content online.

If you mainly stream, and rarely watch live TV, you could think about downgrading your TV package and upgrading your broadband for a smoother streaming experience.

Remember, if you do this, you’ll also need to make sure you have a decent data allowance - or unlimited broadband - to avoid any additional charges.

Save hundreds on a new TV deal

Pure Telecom’s TV licence research shows that people no longer want to pay charges for something they feel they don’t benefit from.

If you’ve been with your TV provider for a while, you will save by switching to a different provider - or, you could have a chat to your current provider about new packages or plans that may suit you better.

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