Sky Q with Spotify on TV screen

Improvements to Sky Q are on the way - including a partnership with Spotify

The changes will be rolled out from next month.

This morning, Sky announced the next stage in the development of its next-generation TV platform, Sky Q.

All Sky TV plans come with the Sky Q 1TB box as standard. Depending on your package, Sky Q allows you to watch Sky TV in multiple rooms, and across various devices for a ‘fluid viewing’ experience.

Sky Q already has loads of great features, including:

  • voice control,
  • Ultra HD,
  • the ability to record six shows at the same time while you are watching a seventh, and
  • access to the Sky Q app, which allows you to set recordings remotely.

And this morning, Sky has announced even more product features, with the aim of making the Sky Q experience even better.

Greater personalisation, wide-screen interface and more UHD content on Sky Q


In the coming months, Sky Q will offer customers greater personalisation based on a household’s viewing habits to make sure customers are served the most relevant content.

Sky Q’s voice functionality will also be extended to tie in with this, giving customers the ability to make requests such as “show movies for me”.

Wide-screen interface and Ultra HD

Later this year, Sky will also be introducing a new wide-screen user interface for customers.

Meanwhile, the amount of Ultra HD content available will double this year, with over 1,000 hours of UHD content on Sky, including the whole Spider-Man franchise.

New Kids mode on Sky Q

Sky says that the introduction of a new Kids mode in the next few months means Sky Q will become one of the safest places for kids to watch TV.

Parents will have peace of mind over what their children can access and watch, and at the same time the Kids mode will offer a fun environment for younger audiences.

Streaming Sky Q on even more devices

On top of the other innovations, Sky Q will also be extended, with the ability to stream content to more devices at the same time.

A Sky Q app will become available on Smart TVs and third party devices, which should appeal to customers, too.

Spotify on Sky Q

In spring, Spotify will launch on Sky Q in the UK and Ireland. Customers will be able to use the ad-supported Spotify service for free - or log in to their premium account - from the Sky Q homepage.

When you consider the recently-launched Sky Soundbox, this partnership means Sky Q is really becoming a multimedia entertainment hub.

“Taking user experience to another level”

Speaking about the new features, Sky’s Group Chief Executive, Jeremy Darroch, said Sky is taking the user experience to another level.

He added: “We will continue enhancing Sky Q and finding new ways to bring customers more of what they love, and in so doing ensure we appeal to every household and every one in that household.”

Switching to Sky TV - FAQs

1. What do I need to do to get Sky TV?

You must first of all decide what type of viewing package you want from Sky TV – options include The Original Bundle with a variety of comedy, drama, lifestyle, arts, documentary channels, or The Variety Bundle, which has additional music, documentary and breaking news channels. Each of these bundles comes with the Sky Q 1TB box as standard.

You can also add-on packages such as Sky Cinema , Sky Sports and Sky BoxSets for extended viewing, and - if you live in a large household - you could also opt for Sky Multiroom, where different channels can be watched in different rooms at the same time.

To order Sky TV online or by phone, check out our dedicated Sky Ireland page.

2. What do I need to have to order Sky?

Sky can be ordered by anyone in Ireland who is over 18. You must have a bank account in order to set up a direct debit from Sky Ireland and if you do not own the premises you are living in, you must seek the permission of the landlord before installing Sky.

3. What do I need at my home to get Sky installed?

In terms of equipment at your home, you simply need a landline which your Sky box will be connected to. The Sky engineer will supply any other equipment such as your Sky Q box and dish.

4. When can I get Sky installed?

You choose a day when you would like your Sky installation to take place. Simply inform Sky as to what date fits your schedule and they will organise an engineer to call to your home.

5. What channels are available on Sky?

Sky TV packages carry a wide variety of channels covering subjects such as drama, comedy, lifestyle, documentaries, arts, science fiction, music, movies, sports, kids entertainment and news among others. The channels include Sky’s own branded channels as well as exclusive channels such as Sky Atlantic, along with popular Irish, UK, US and international channels.

The basic Sky Entertainment Package has 90 channels, and you will get access to even more if you choose an add-on like Sky Kids, Sky Cinema, or Sky Sports.

Sky Kids has 11 dedicated channels, just for the younger members of the family, while Sky Cinema has a large choice of films on offer ranging from old movies to new releases with specific movie channels for genres such as science fiction, drama, comedy, action, family, modern greats, classics and indie.

Sky Sports features a variety of channels that are dedicated to broadcasting live sports action from the top sporting events from around the world. With everything from live soccer to rugby, Sky’s own branded sports channels are extremely popular with Irish viewers while additional sports channels from other companies such as EuroSport are also usually included.

And, if you opt for the HD add-on, you’ll get over 40 of your favourite channels in stunning High Definition.

To get all of these channels via Sky TV, visit our dedicated Sky Ireland page.

6. What is the Sky Q box?

The next-generation Sky Q box allows you to take charge of how you watch TV. You can pause, rewind, record and store content, so you’ll never miss a moment of the TV you love.

The Sky Q 1TB box comes with Sky TV packages as standard. If you feel you need additional storage, there is also a 2TB box available for an additional cost.

7. Can I watch a different channel in another room?

The Sky Multiroom service lets you have two separate channels available in two different rooms - or more, if you wish. This is a subscription service from Sky which provides a separate Sky box for each room that you require.

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