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Looking to get broadband in your campervan, caravan or mobile home?

You might be thinking about this as summer holidays draw nearer

If you’re one of the many people in Ireland who has a mobile home, campervan or caravan, you’re probably already looking ahead to summer days spent chilling out in your home away from home.

Whether you’re travelling on your own, or with family, it might be time to think about what you’ll do for internet access while you’re away.

While some of us like to use our holidays as an excuse for a technology break, others might enjoy unwinding by watching Netflix in the evening. Internet access might be particularly important if you’re travelling with children or teenagers.

But, given that mobile homes, campervans and caravans generally don’t have a fixed phone line, and some don’t even stay in the one place, what options are there?

Mobile broadband

The best bet will be to opt for mobile broadband, which is provided through a mobile phone signal - either via mobile dongles, a 4g router, or 4g SIMs.

The technology used to provide mobile broadband is the same as the one that lets you use your mobile phone, so as a result, many mobile network carriers offer mobile broadband. The main advantage of mobile broadband is that you can use it anywhere, but bear in mind that you will need decent 3g or 4g signal if you’re looking for a reliable connection.

When you’re comparing deals, you’ll need to decide whether you want internet access on just one device - for example a tablet or laptop - or you need mobile WiFi so that a few different devices can connect at any one time.

You should also think about whether you want to opt for a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) plan or a pay-monthly option. As you’ll likely only be using the mobile broadband while on holiday, PAYG might be a better bet, but make sure you check how often you need to top up to keep the SIM active (usually every six to 12 months).

Take a look at the best mobile broadband deals from eir, Three, and Vodafone.

What speed will I be able to get with mobile broadband?

The speed you get with mobile broadband will depend on your provider and the strength of your signal.

Mobile broadband runs on the same kind of connection as your mobile phone. So, if you’ve previously used your 4g on your mobile phone with no hassle in the area you’ll be holidaying, it might be worth looking at the same provider for your mobile broadband.

How do I sign up to mobile broadband?

Signing up is really straightforward - just take a look at the deals available, fill in an application form on the provider’s site and they’ll get in touch to get everything sorted.

My mobile broadband signal isn’t great, what can I do?

If you already have mobile broadband and struggle with your speeds, you might find it difficult to stream content on the likes of Netflix, since there’s a minimum speed required for streaming.

If this is the case for you, and you can’t live without your TV, think about downloading the shows or movies from your favourite streaming service before you travel.

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