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Sky adds two new Sky Sports channels at no extra cost

Sky is also rebranding most of its other sports channels, too.

This week, Sky has rebranded its sports channels, adding on two new channels to its sports bundle and renaming most of the others.

New Sky Sports channels

The first of the new channels, Sky Sports Football will bring viewers live football - including the EFL, Carabao Cup, SPFL, La Liga, and the Euro 2020 qualifiers - every week, along with reviews and dedicated round up shows.

The second new channel, Sky Sports Arena will feature International and European Rugby Union, Rugby League, Tennis, Boxing, NFL, GAA, Darts and WWE.

Changes to existing Sky Sports channels

Sky Sports Mix, and Sky Sports F1 will have the same names and content that sports fans will be used to, but Sky Sports customers will need to get used to new names and content on some of their favourite channels, as follows:

Old name New name
Sky Sports 1 Sky Sports Main Event
Sky Sports 2 Sky Sports Cricket
Sky Sports 3 Sky Sports Action
Sky Sports 4 Sky Sports Golf
Sky Sports 5 Sky Sports Premier League
Sky Sports News HQ Sky Sports News

Some of the names - like Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Golf and Sky Sports Premier League are fairly self-explanatory.

Meanwhile, Sky Sports Main Event will be dedicated to the biggest live events from across all Sky Sports channels. This channel will be available to customers with the full range of Sky Sports channels.

In addition, Sky Sports Action will have similar content to new channel Sky Sports Arena, like boxing, darts, NFL, tennis and international Rugby Union.

How do I get these new Sky Sports channels?

Sky Sports customers don’t need to do anything to bring about these changes - they will happen automatically, and there’s no change in pricing as a result.

With the Sky summer sale, customers can now sign up to the Sky Original TV Bundle with Sky Sports for just €34.75 per month for the first six months - going up to €69.50 thereafter.

What if I’m not a Sky customer?

Customers of other TV providers, like Virgin Media and Vodafone will also see the new channels and new names from today.

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