Sky Head of Retail Stephen Butterly standing at window

Sky targets apartment market with new communal dish

People living in apartments can now enjoy channels such as Sky Atlantic, Sky Living and more

Sky is launching a new campaign this month targeting people living in Dublin apartments.

Previously Sky have been unable to provide TV services to apartment dwellers as the service needs a satellite dish. The majority of management companies do not permit satellites on the exterior walls of apartment buildings.

Sky’s nearest competitor in the Dublin market, UPC, does not have this problem as it does not rely on satellite technology to provide TV services.

The provider’s solution to this problem is to install a single communal roof-top dish with fibre technology running through the building. This allows individual residences to access the service.

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For the past number of months, Sky have been targeting new builds and existing apartment blocks to raise awareness of this development. The response from management agencies and tenants has been “overwhelmingly positive” according to Stephen Butterly, head of sales at Sky.

“We are delighted with the reaction we have gotten so far and we’ve seen a pretty rapid growth.”

We aim to provide a no hassle solution to management companies by managing the cost and infrastructure while at the same time bringing real value to residents.

Sky is currently working with developers to add this communal dish to new builds while also retrofitting older apartment blocks.

Butterly added: “This is by no means a short term initiative. We have been working with top management agencies in Dublin and plan to expand this service to Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford and other urban centres in the future.”

“We would encourage people living in apartments that previously thought Sky TV was not an option for them to look around and compare Sky’s unique offerings with other prices on the market.”

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