Energia boiler in situ on a wall in a kitchen

Replacing your boiler with a new one from Energia could cut your heating bills

Energia says it can reduce heating costs by 15%

Last month, Energia launched the Cosy Homes Scheme, which aims to help householders save on their energy bills in the long-term by upgrading their home now.

Now, Energia has announced that homeowners can cut their heating bills by an extra 15% with their new gas boiler.

An efficient boiler is really important

Energia says the boiler was specifically designed for the Irish market and is the most efficient one currently available.

An efficient boiler means you waste less heat in the home, so it can reduce your gas bill without you having to ration energy. This is really important, especially in the colder winter months.

The Energia Boiler Replacement retails at €2,280, but is currently available for €2,052 via the Cosy Homes Scheme, a saving of €228. Meanwhile, Energia customers can get the boiler for just €1,937, a saving of €343.

With the Cosy Homes Scheme, you could also introduce ‘zoned heating’ into your home. This allows you to turn on your radiators and your hot water independently of each other at times that suit you. You may also be able to have a separate zones for bedrooms and other rooms, which will allow you to save by turning off the heat in unoccupied areas of the home.

Energia estimates that the combination of zoned heating controls and new boiler could reduce heating bills by 30% - although you’ll obviously have the initial outlay to think about.

10,000 efficiency upgrades across Ireland

Energia has already supported over 10,000 efficiency upgrades in homes across Ireland, resulting in an annual combined saving of over €1.2 million on energy bills in these homes.

Geoff Codd, Energia’s Head of Marketing, said: “Our new Energia Cosy Homes Scheme provides grants for new and existing Energia customers and will help get them ready for winter. The Cosy Homes Scheme provides a really handy one-stop-shop for customers.”

I can’t replace my boiler - can I still save?

If replacing your boiler is not an option at the moment, try to arrange to have it serviced at least annually. Not only will this ensure it’s running efficiently, it will also help you to protect your household from the dangers of carbon monoxide.

You can also make significant savings on your energy bills by implementing some energy-saving measures around the home - including switching to energy-efficient bulbs and sealing off any draughts.

And you can save even more by switching energy supplier. An average gas and electricity customer on typical standard tariffs can currently save up to €258 by switching to the cheapest tariffs on the market.

Energia’s Cheapest Electricity (33% discount) tariff is currently the best electricity deal on the market for new customers, while Just Energy has the best gas deal, with its Rate Saver Fixed, 12 Month (Direct Debit&Online billing) tariff.

Switching only takes a few minutes, so it’s well worth taking the time before the colder weather really sets in.

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