Netatmo smart thermostat and app on smartphone Energia and Switcher offer EXCLUSIVE: Free Netatmo smart thermostat with Energia's Cheapest Dual Fuel deal

This offer is only available for a limited time.

With all of the price hikes announced in recent weeks, now is a great time to think about switching energy supplier, so you can make sure you’re on a discounted rate as we come into the winter months.

If you are thinking of switching, this new EXCLUSIVE offer from and Energia could appeal to you…

Save up to €290 and get a free Netatmo smart thermostat

Energia’s Cheapest Dual Fuel 29/28 plan is one of the best dual fuel offers on the market, with savings of up to €290 available, compared to typical standard tariffs.

And now, eligible customers who sign up to this deal before Sunday 19 August on will also get a FREE Netatmo smart thermostat, including install, worth €249.

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What are the benefits of the Netatmo smart thermostat?

Man using Netatmo smart thermostat app

It feels like we’re hearing more and more about how smart technology can make our lives easier, and smart thermostats are no exception.

With the Netatmo smart thermostat, you can:

  • Easily check and adjust room temperature with the Current Temperature Display.
  • Change your home’s temperature from anywhere
  • Use ‘Away Mode’ to turn off your boiler while you’re away or on holidays.
  • Set a minimum temperature point for your home so that it never gets too hot or cold.
  • Set up a schedule that suits your routine, such as making sure the heating is on when you get home in the evening.

On top of this, Netatmo also has an Auto Adapt Function, which means it predicts when it needs to switch on the boiler based on the temperature outside.

The Netatmo allows you to view your energy consumption, and see how much energy you’re using to heat your home, which can be a big help in terms of identifying where you could cut back to make savings.

In fact, it’s estimated that installing this smart thermostat could save you up to 37% on your energy bills by helping you become smarter about your usage.

How does it work?

Once you sign up for the deal, Energia will be in touch to make sure you meet the eligibility criteria* for the Netatmo offer. For example, you can’t have a similar device already installed, and your home must have been built before 2006. You’ll also need to have:

  • a Single Zone heating system, where the boiler heats your water and radiators at the same time;
  • a boiler and current heating system that is compatible with the Netatmo device;
  • good WiFi coverage around your home; and
  • a smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop with Android, iOS or Windows.

An Energia representative will contact you within 14 days of signing up to re-check your eligibility and arrange an installation date for your Netatmo. Installation can only take place after you have successfully passed your 14-day cooling off period.

Once installed, you can easily control the Netatmo thermostat via your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Limited-time offer

Remember, this offer is only available between now and 19 August, so if you are interested, make sure you sign up before then.

Switching is quick and easy, and you could save hundreds of Euro, so taking some time to do so is definitely worth it.

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*General offer terms and conditions and supply and installation terms and conditions apply.