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UPC increase Horizon broadband speeds

UPC increases Horizon broadband speeds with up to 120Mb and 200Mb super-fast speeds now available to customers

Irish customers are set for truly super-fast broadband services as UPC Ireland unveils its new speeds for home broadband customers – more than double its previous best.

Before the announcement, UPC’s entry-level speed was 50Mb but its new Horizon 120Mb broadband service represents a significant step up.

UPC’s entry-level fibre broadband services are therefore faster than anything else available in Ireland, while the higher speed service of 150Mb is set to be raised to 200Mb.

The broadband provider is also increasing its entry level 10GB usage allowance to a new standard of 30GB, providing a substantial increase in usage allowance for internet users.

These latest upgrades to UPC’s fibre broadband network should greatly improve the service that customers can receive, while competitors are not expected to rival the speeds generated for some time. More than half a billion Euros has been spent by UPC Ireland on network investments, which means the network can now reach approximately 46% of the population.

Service speeds have risen continuously since 2008 – when speeds were a mere 3Mb – although the latest rise represents the largest jump in that time period. “We strive to make our services not just a little bit better than what others provide, but to make them truly extraordinary,” said Mark Coan, vice president of sales and marketing at UPC Ireland.

“By moving our entry speed to 120Mb we are delivering on this promise, with entry speeds faster than others’ fastest speeds.

“Coming on the back of the recent success of our Horizon TV launch, this move further positions UPC as the only player to provide extraordinary services across its entire product range and redefines the minimum acceptable broadband speed in the Irish market.” He said the network has the capability of meeting all future needs, while increasing speeds could offer the potential of downloading, streaming and browsing all at the same time. “In a nutshell, the faster your broadband speed, the more you’ll be able to do online,” he added.

The new speeds are available with any UPC Horizon bundle, while existing customers can move to new packages with improved speeds, provided that they renew their contracts.

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