Broadband and Home Phone

Find the cheapest broadband and landline deals in Ireland. Comparing broadband and home phone plans is quick and easy and bundling up can save you money.

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Satellite TV
12 month
for 12 months, then €41 thereafter.
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Satellite TV
12 month
for 12 months, then €49 thereafter.
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12 month
for 12 months, then €57 thereafter.
* The "Speed (average)" displayed represents the speed available to at least 50% of customers. The "Speed (up to)" displayed represents the speed available to at least 80% of customers. The "Speed (absolute)" displayed represents speed available to customers for the advertised plan. Where a provider has not given an "up to, average speed or absolute" speed, the maximum possible speed for the advertised plan is displayed. Broadband product availability is subject to location.

Broadband and phone bundles include a broadband deal along with a home phone plan, all in one package from the same provider.

Why bundle your Broadband & Phone?

Which providers offer broadband and phone deals?

Here are the main Irish providers that you can get broadband and home phone bundle from:

What packages do they offer?

Most broadband providers offer a plan that includes a home phone element:

What’s the cheapest broadband and phone package?

Provider Plan Name Year 1 Cost
Vodafone Simply Broadband & Talk €360
eir Broadband & Off-Peak Calls €390
Pure Telecom Bill Save €420
Sky Broadband Superfast & Talk Freetime €420
Digiweb Home Broadband with Talk Off-Peak €492
Virgin Media 250Mb Broadband & World Talk €576

How to choose a broadband & phone plan

When you’re comparing deals there are a few things to think about.

Can you get broadband without a phone?

Yes, however most broadband providers in Ireland require a phone line to install your broadband connection.

This can make it difficult to find a broadband-only deal, although you could opt for a deal with a free call plan and choose not to use it. Here are some more wireless broadband options.

Virgin Media offers a broadband-only plan, as they supply the broadband via their cable network.

Compare broadband only plans

Want to add TV onto your broadband & phone plan?

If you want a TV plan, it might be worth looking at a broadband, TV and home phone bundle. Bundling products from one provider will generally save you money and there tends to be big discounts on these plans, too.

There are four providers that offer ‘triple-play’ packages in the Irish market - eir, Sky, Virgin Media and Vodafone.

Get super fast broadband from just €24 a month

It only takes a few minutes to find a cheaper deal and start saving

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